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Radio Today's recent 9 part series, The Brutal Truth, revealed frank insights from the most stellar line-up of on-air talent ever assembled in one place.

See all of the awesome insights here.

At the National Radio Conference, Radio Today's Scott Muller hosted a live version of the series with the Brutal Truth coming from Merrick Watts (Triple M), Dylan Lewis (Nova 919), Robin Bailey (97.3), Paul Murray (2UE), and Rachel Corbett (Triple M) – pictured L-R.

Here are the highlights from the session :-

What's the worst advice given by a GM ?

Dylan (right): when doing a radio show, be prepared to talk about your entire life. I disagree. Keep some family stuff to yourself. Be a little mysterious.

Paul: be wary of inconsistent advise, especially when PD's change advice from day to day

Robin: do what's required, Robin's regrets getting nude on air and having strippers arrive unannounced during a shift

Have you had a PD pull rank on editorial control, and tell you to say stuff you didn't want to ?

Merrick (left): yes, and that's the gig, just put your own slant on it. Don't create headaches if not necessary. Do what's asked of you, take the hit, look for team resolution rather than an individual stance. Don't be a pain in the arse to management.

Dylan: go with your gut instinct, take direction from those in charge, but be wary.

Have you had to perform on air under stressful circumstances, and how'd you do it ?

Rachel (right): yes, things happen, keep up communication, inform people as adults behind the scenes. It helps when everyone treats each other like professionals.

What do on air relationships look like out of the studio ?

Robin: I go to bed with my husband, and wake up with Terry and Bob, I don't socialise with any of the guys I work with, it's just too much. I need to be with my family, I need the separation. I love my work mates, but don't want to spend my weekends with them.

Sexism in the radio industry, discuss? How do management react to live on air breast feeding, getting pregnant ?

Robin (left): this industry operates too much on fear, fear of losing our jobs. As a new mum, I came back to work very early after pregnancy, I used a breast pump live on air out of necessity. I had to combine the two most important things to me, my job and my son.

I went into labour live on air, cause I just kept working cause of the pressure of the job, it can be just easier.

Merrick: It's sad there isn't gender balance in any business. Although the balance is off, on air. But off air is dominated by skilful talented women. It's too general to say that women aren't part of the industry, it's perception cause all people see is who is on air. The women in radio have saved lives, cause men are dickheads.

Discuss your experience working with clients and integration, when has it worked ?

Dylan: I love working with sales, right from the start, so I can be a part of the ideas. I've got a family to feed, and they come before morality. I do what's required to please clients.

Other highlights from the Brutal Truth :-


"The biggest regret I have with my current show being axed, is I felt the show was about to go to the next leve…..sexually. I am weeks away from having sex with Rach….now that's not going to happen"

Paul Murray (right):

"Working on the shebang was a really tough time in 2008", which he puts down to the fact that he was joining another persons party. The problem was with one of the team having too much pride and an inability to change. As a result of working in a bad show sent Paul into a deep depression, and found himself sleeping most of the day to cope. Paul keeps in regular contact with one of his ex co-hosts, and looks forward to burying the hatchet with the other member very soon.

My favourite two years of working in radio ever, were the two years he worked with Rachel Corbett.

Rachel replied, saying:

"After working with PM, I never thought I'd ever find another team that worked so well," and thought her career was over….until she met Merrick, and has also enjoyed the last two years just as much.

Bad teams she was forced to work with almost broke her, don't do it. She turned down big money to work on shows, that she knew would destroy her soul. Pick your shows.

Merrick said:
"I want to work at the ABC, cause I can't get sacked."

Robin Bailey commented:
"I've been in this job for 25 years and I plan on being here for another 25"

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