The Ben and Liam prank that crossed Adelaide’s eyes

Nova’s Ben and Liam almost landed themselves in hot water with their recent googly eyed prank.

The pair heisted Scotty’s Motel in the early hours of the morning in the Adelaide suburb of Medindie, by sticking a pair of oversized googly eyes on the pub’s mascot, Scotty the Scotsman, a giant bagpipe playing statue.


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Although the pair have denied being able to reach high enough to stick the eyes on Scotty the Scotsman, pictures have emerged of Scotty with two large eyes stuck to his face, which Ben and Liam say were photoshopped after they couldn’t reach.

The prank turned a little more serious when the owner of Scotty’s Motel contacted the police to report damaged caused to the oversized Scotsman by the pranksters, but Ben and Liam said the same damage can be seen on a Google Street View picture taken in 2019.

Scotty’s Motel manager, Greg Hobson, told Adelaide’s The Advertiser he noticed damage after the prank.

“His sporran was quite freely moving in the wind and there’s damage to one of the side panels of the statue (on Thursday) as well,” said Hobson.

“I thought it was quite sweet actually until I saw the damage and it’s quite problematic.”

“He’s got some age to him and getting him replaced is quite difficult. An apology would be ideal.”

Although Ben and Liam admitted the googly eyes prank on Scotty the Scotsman, the pair have not spoken about any other cross-eyed heists around Adelaide, despite The Guardian reporting on several landmarks seen to be looking through fresh eyes.

Other sites included KFC, Dan Murphy’s and a Jim’s Roofing van.


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25 Jan 2022 - 3:49 pm

Great work lads


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