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These days on-air talent are exposed 24/7, not just for 3 or 4 hours a day. Social media means you’re always contactable, and to some degree always ‘on’.

This was a ‘star’ session featuring Fitzy from Nova 96.9, Fifi from the Fox, Ben Fordham from 2GB and Charli Robinson from Sea FM on the Gold Coast. The moderator was Sam Mac.

So what did these guys have to say….


Being available 24/7 is very important for every radio personality. 

Being on social media is the best way to stay connected out of show hours, and staying relevant to the listeners day to day. We often post parodies and videos throughout the day to keep reaching out to our audiences .


I keep two social media accounts, and separate my personal account from the radio shows account. You must remain authentic and genuine, and separating the two may be needed cause you can’t always control show or station accounts.

Ben Fordham

All journos need to be on Twitter. It’s a vital way of keeping up to date with news events. I use it daily to get guests and interviews. Likewise with a massive story overseas, the chances of getting through to a newsroom from Australia is almost impossible, but contacting talent direct is a great way of getting good talent on the air. 

Ben doesn’t do Facebook, but lives and breathes Twitter

Charlie Robinson

I got onto Twitter when it first started while I was on the hit 30. It’s come a long way. I like to become friends with Twitter followers. When I was on tv, the kids were like our little brothers and sisters. My radio audience are mates, and my Twitter followers become like real friends. I’ve been trolled on Twitter and it gave me such a complex. I had a major meltdown live onair when trolls criticised me.

Followers have become so important to our personal brand that it can mean the difference of getting a job or not.


I feel like my social media has become so consuming that I now have too many mouths to feed. I need to distance myself from it, otherwise I don’t sleep. I can’t use it every moment of the day. I now use it to capture BIG MOMENTS in my life. I prefer to use it to see what the country says about pop culture events, like what’s everyone saying about the Bachelor.


I also use social media to keep the Papps off my back. When I post photos of my kids, it means the Papps can’t take a photo of them and sell them, cause you now control your own images.


I deal with trolls by showing them love. I thank all the haters, cause they keep me in the news and keep me in a job

So when did they get it wrong with social media?


I picked on a guy down in his luck who I saw with a bottle of metho in his hand. I made fun of him on Twitter and regretted it. I should have been the bigger person.


I’ve made factual errors and felt the need to correct it. I’ve also said things on air that ended up being incorrect and have been corrected on Twitter. I always retweet the corrections as well. It’s important. 

What are some of the real positives of social media?


I loved the Adam Goodes debate on Twitter. It let the country open it up and have a good brutal debate that we needed to have.


We recently talked on air about refugees, and we posted it on social media, and it continued all day long. Not something we normally talk about, but social medial now governs the media on what we want to chat more about.


Social media is a reality check for mainstream media as to what really needs to be discussed. Traditional media can’t hide away from stories anymore when Australia is talking about certain topics.

I love helping charities on Twitter, through retweets and making known the great work local charities do


I started a No Filter campaign that empowered woman to embrace all the bits that wobble and wiggle on our own body

So what are some key tips…


Selfies should be embraced. Build a relationship with people through social media


Keep it real. Don’t be swayed by content directors. Do your own thing and what’s true to you.


Radio first, social media is an add on. Spend your time worrying about your radio show, not your social media. Do the social media in your spare time, it’s shouldn’t dominate your at job.

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