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Some would know Lee Simon as the ‘godfather’ of Triple M Melbourne. He’s been with the station from the very beginning when it burst onto the scene as EON FM in 1980.

Some (of a certain age) may even remember him as the long-haired host of Nightmoves and as a jock on 3XY.

What some might not know is that Lee also helped bring AFL football to the FM dial. And 2017 marks 20 years since Triple M began calling the footy.

He took some time to answer Radio Today’s 10 Questions.

How did you come to footy broadcasting?

In 1995, as Triple M Melbourne’s PD, I had to do something about the fact that our weekend audience fell off a cliff during the footy season.  Working out that footy was the reason was a no brainer.

The process of securing the broadcast rights then got underway, and we started calling footy in 1997 at which time I moved from being PD to EP of Footy.

What is your involvement?

Executive Producer – in the traditional sense of the title.

How many games would Triple M broadcast each weekend?

Most weekends, our network calls all nine of them.

What markets?

All state capitals and approximately 32 regional markets.

In terms of ‘boots on ground’ how many people would you have working on the product?

On and off air, we have approximately 75 people nationally.

What makes the Triple M call different from the others?

It’s best summed up by the fact that, while we take what we do very seriously, we don’t take ourselves seriously.  Add to the fact that we work hard to make it look like that we’re not.

We’ve never embraced the ‘oracles of footy’ ethos that’s popular with some of those, who actually believe the gale force winds regularly blown up their nether regions.

What makes a good call?

A great call team with the right balance of experience, qualifications, skills, chemistry, footy smarts and entertainment.

How has evolved from when Triple M began calling games (all those years ago)?

The 90s were a long time ago.  Our call has changed in step with the changing demands of our listeners and the changes in the way the game is played.

In many ways, though, it’s our evolving line-up, which has led the charge.

Ever tempted to get behind the mic and join in?

Not once. Ever.

Do you actually get to ‘enjoy’ a game or is it all business?

I always enjoy the game except, fleetingly, when an unexpected aspect of our coverage draws my attention from it.

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