Tammin Sursok on podcasting, radio and the sh!t show that is life


“Everyone looks like they have it all together, but I haven’t met one person who does. It’s all just smoke and mirrors.”

That’s the word from Tammin Sursok, and that, in a nutshell, sums up her new podcast, very appropriately titled The Sh!t Show.

The Emmy nominated and Logie winning actress – who relocated to LA in 2006 – has returned to Australia to produce the show, which features candid conversations where absolutely nothing is off the table.

Each episode will feature juicy interviews with high-profile names – from all walks of life – from Australia and beyond.

Guests will share their successes, their setbacks and all of the chaos in between.

Sursok is no stranger to the medium, having achieved success in the US co-hosting the Women On Top podcast.

As Sursok tells Radio Today, that experience has given her a solid foundation.

“When we first started interviewing people, I got a tinge of nervous thoughts crossing my mind, but then I just had to remember I’ve recorded 300 episodes of podcasting, so it’s like riding a bike.”

Being back on home turf was an added bonus.

“I actually found the guests in Australia easier to interview because everyone has such a wonderful cadence and openness to them, and their stories are just so down to earth and funny.”

Sursok says she can’t wait for people to check it out.

“I think everyone will definitely laugh and cry.”

From TV soap The Young and the Restless to the drama series Pretty Little Liars, many of us would know Sursok for her acting roles.

But the mum of two says being behind the scenes – and behind the mic – is also a comfortable fit.

“Oh yes, I love to talk!” she chuckles.

“I’ve been having these conversations with my friends for so long, but I thought: Why not bring them to the public?”

So, if everything is fair game – what can the audience expect?

Brutal honesty, for starters.

“I don’t think I’ve had one guest that I’ve interviewed leave saying ‘Oh my goodness, I’ve never told anyone that.’ I hope I don’t get cancelled!” Sursok laughs.

“It is just the most genuine, honest stories from everyone.”

“I really do believe that this show will bring out sides of these guests that you’ve never seen before.”

“There are moments where I was actually taken aback by the trust they have given me.”

For Sursok, the podcast represents the dichotomy of life.

“And that’s why it’s so great to get behind some of these guests’ lives, where they look like everything is perfect, but they’re either struggling or have gone through such rough times to get where they are or are still struggling.”

“I think it’s just really great to be honest and cut out the BS.”

As for what the future holds, Sursok has radio in her sights.

“Definitely putting out radio. I have my hands in producing and directing right now, as well as obviously acting, but radio is definitely on the top of my hit list.”

*Listen to The Sh!t Show with Tammin Sursok here.

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