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In the next phase of a great story arc on the Drive show, Triple M last night premiered 'The Nullarbor Nymph' in Sydney.

The film was shot with a budget of $25,000 however the publicity they have received through the Triple M exposure has been priceless, and whilst it doesn't mean the movie will be successful, it does guarantee it cult status.

Watch the red carpet footage below, and to see photos and reviews from the premiere.


So what were the reviews like?

Lee Paatsch, News Ltd chief film reviewer said “Take a hike Priscilla, there’s a new queen of the desert and her name is the Nullarbor Nymph"


Max Markson said “That was sensational, in terms of comedy, it’s up there along with all of the Back to the Future movies, better than The Hangover"

Comedian Ross Noble said “I fully endorse The Nullarbor Nymph”.

The movie is based on a hoax in the early 70's about supposed sightings of a half naked women living on the Nullarbor Plain near the town of Eucla, which had a population of 8. Whilst the story received worldwide coverage, it was ultimately revealed as a hoax, and is now immortalised in film.

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