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Gus Worland returned to Triple M Sydney over the weekend, at the helm of the new Dead Set Legends show featuring Wendell Sailor and Jude Bolton.

The show was axed in 2016 after 19 years, with Ray Warren, Dan Ginane and Richard Freedman the previous hosts.

“Dead Set Legends is back… God knows why they took it off all those years ago,” said Worland in the first break.

Worland returned to the air for the first time after departing the Moonman In The Morning Breakfast show at the end of 2019, following 10 years in the slot.

“Breakfast radio has played such a massive role in not only my life but also my family’s. I’ve met some lifelong friends and I wouldn’t change one thing,” Worland told Radio Today after departing Breakfast last year.

“To wake up Sydney each morning, have a few laughs, and report the stories that matter, has been a true pleasure. It’s now time for me to step down from my radio commitments to spend more time on my mental health foundation Gotcha 4 Life.”

After getting into things, it didn’t take long for the banter between the three hosts to kick in.

Gus also dropped his first ‘FOOOIES’ of the year.

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Earl Palfrey
14 Apr 2020 - 11:02 pm

Here is my idea to save rugby league.

Rugby League has one advantage over every other sport in the world, it is State of Origin.

Why State of Origin, because it is the only sport that has a sport within that sport involving only a handful of its players, which is as big as the sport itself.

It is only sport in the world that no matter what club or local team you support you also support either NSW or Qld, i.e another team.

Therefore, this is my idea for State of Origin 2020 COV19 is

• Each state select 30 players each and go into one months isolation with testing every day
• At the end of one month isolation each state select 25 players from the original 30 players who are now 100% clear to go into permanent quarantine camp (say North Queensland resort) where they are allowed to now train as a team for one month before the first game.
• The resort has same one month to get ready (i.e. make it 100% Covid19 free) including staff and source resources, ie food etc.
• You then start a Five (5) game series. Played over five weeks. A game every Saturday night.
• All 5 games to be played in same venue (say North Queensland New Stadium) – which can be cleaned and sterilised each week, making it safe
• Coaches and support staff would sign up to the same deal as well as reporters (Nine and Fox)
• All players and coaches sign up to a 3 month deal to stay away from all family members and commit to the process.

Could you imagine it the interest and excitement, knowing we could have State of Origin in eight weeks. The build up and debate of the original 30 players selected, and who should be cut to the 25 player squad for the 5 game series.

Can you imagine the media interest both locally and around the world. Rugby league would be on the World Map. Every media outlet in the world would want the games on their network, as there is no other sport.

Could you imagine the value of the rights, gambling etc

I am happy to discuss further, as this just could just save the game and all our sanity.

This is far more achievable and far lower risk than the NRL idea of 500 players and staff in Sydney.

Earl Palfrey
Mb 0412 597 616


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