Survey #7 Released: Results Are In

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Survey #7 has just been released by GfK, with some big results around the country. 

The leading stations are 2GB in Sydney, 97.3 Brisbane, Mix Adelaide, Mix Perth regains its crown and 3AW stays number 1 in Melbourne.

And whilst there are some strong results around the country, there are a couple of big movements that will be talking points.

See the full figures below:

Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth




There are some big swings in Sydney survey today, both on the AM and the FM bands, let's look at some of the action.


  • WSFM have held onto the #1 FM position overall, however have had a fall of 0.7% overall, driven  by 25-39's and largely through daytimes.
  • Despite the station falling, Jonesy & Amanda held steady at 9.9%, but slipped to #2 courtesy of a surging Kyle & Jackie.
  • So on KIIS, a strong result overall. Up by 0.4%, and all of the increase 18-39. #2 FM station overall just behind WSFM.
  • Kyle & Jackie have had a strong result, improving by 0.7 to 10.5% overall, just ahead of WSFM, but well ahead of the other FM stations.



  • Triple M has improved, with a big jump 25-39 taking the station to #3 position in that demo behind KIIS and Triple J.
  • The Breakfast and Drive shows for Triple M gave the biggest kick, each improving by a touch over a point.
  • 2Day was flat, however Breakfast was down. 
  • Ironically, and they'd never say it publicly, Breakfast remaining 'soft' for this survey and next probably isn't a bad thing as it provides a lower base from Dan & Maz to grow from in 2015 and get some 'early wins' on the board.
  • That said, SCA will be pleased to put 2015 behind them in the context of 2Day, it's certainly been their annus horribillus.


Nova Entertainment

  • A good result for Nova 96.9 today, with Breakfast recording it's second increase in a row. Fitzy & Wippa are now on 7.0%.
  • Nova 96.89 daytimes improved, with Mornings getting out of the 3's and into the high 4's, and nights with Kent Small had a good jump into the 7's to be equal #1 (FM) with smooth.
  • smooth fell by 1.0% overall with the biggest hit coming 55-64 where they copped a 4.7% decrease.
  • The dayparts for smooth are a tad rough in this book, with BMAD all falling by over a point each, and most of the damage in the workday.



  • Ouch. 2GB copped a 0.9% hit this survey, although that still leaves them at #1 albeit with a couple of bruises.
  • Daytimes were stable, Breakfast, Drive and Nights were where the damage was done with weekends not helping.
  • 2CH was steady, not a lot of movement, very consistent in the high 4's.



  • Despite some people writing them off, 2UE have now strung a couple of increases together, with strong growth 55+ and in Drive leading to a small improvement to 5.9%.
  • Notably for 2UE, they've moved up a ranking overall. The station now leads 2Day, smooth, 2CH and is narrowly behind Triple M.



  • A poor result for ABC702, they've copped a real whack; down nearly 2% and falling behind WSFM. 
  • The demos aren't great, but the dayparts are worse. Rough day at the office for 702.
  • Triple J on the other hand wasn't bad. Despite a big fall 18-24, the station is #2 25-39 (behind KIIS).





  • A strong result for Fox, which is a clear #1 FM in Melbourne.
  • Whilst Breakfast fell slightly, it remains #2 (just), however daytimes increased, with Drive and Nights particularly strong.
  • A small decline overall for the station targeting people who 'pee standing up', however Triple M remain #1 FM in Breakfast.
  • The Triple demos have bounced around, but the one they'll care for the most (25-39's) improved by 1.3% to 9.6; still off the pace from where they'd presumably like to be however.



  • Nova Entertainment in Melbourne will be celebrating today, both stations have had strong results.
  • Nova 100 has improved by 0.5 to leapfrog Gold, and be 0.7% off Fox overall.
  • Notably, whilst Fox Breakfast has been ahead of Nova all year, and remains so, it is tight. There is only a 0.4% share between the 2 stations in Breakfast.
  • Overall, a very strong book for Nova 100, all dayparts improved, and whilst 18-24 fell, 25-39's are strong and the station has moved to #1.
  • smooth was also very good, with all the demos that matter improving, and every daypart improving.
  • smooth went within a whisker of #1 FM 40-54, ironically beaten by Nova to the punch.




  • Unlike Sydney, Melbourne has been a tougher market this survey for ARN with neither station setting the world on fire.
  • Gold has slipped slightly to fall behind Nova overall, and to be equal with smooth. Notably, they copped a whack 40-54, which is their traditional heartland, falling by nearly 2% to rank behind Triple M, smooth, ABC and Nova.
  • Clearly Mix is marking time until the relaunch in January, and whilst the station went up slightly overall, it remains the lowest ranked FM station in the market.
  • All dayparts on Mix improved slightly, with the exception of the Chrissie & Jane Breakfast show which fell to a 6.2% share, with smooth the only FM station Mix is ahead of in that daypart.



  • The Fairfax powerhouse of 3AW has had a rough day, falling by 1.4% overall, driven by a massive fall of over 5% 55-64.
  • The impact was across all dayparts, with Breakfast and Drive particularly hit.
  • That said, 3AW remains #1 overall, if only by 0.6% this time.
  • Magic was flat-ish on a 5 share, with no real notable movements.


Pacific Star

  • On the day they announced a major acquisition, Pacific Star would have liked a stronger result for the radio division.
  • That said, the back half of this survey contained no football, and so SEN will naturally find it tougher going. SEN fell by nearly a point overall, with declines in pretty much all dayparts and demos.



  • A good day for the ABC, with both stations doing well.
  • ABC774 has jumped by 0.6% to be within a half a point of market leader 3AW, and a clear #2 overall.
  • Triple J improved by nearly a point to 5.4%. 
  • Triple J is equal #1 25-39 (with Nova), and daytimes recorded strong increases.




Survey 7 was a tight for one but 973 held onto number 1, just.

  • 97.3 still leads the market in Brisbane and is number 1 again with a point 1 of a lead over Nova with a 13 share.
  • 4KQ also took a slight drop, taking them to 7.5 and now holding 5th place in All Commercial.
  • 3rd survey in a row saw breakfast for 97.3 losing a little ground, the gap has closed with Nova 1069 now breathing down their neck again.
  • Some small increases across the workday for 97.3 with only Mornings dropping a little. Nights had the biggest increase to now be number 1 in Brisbane.
  • For 4KQ biggest drop was in Mornings losing 1.7 to now be 7.6 share. Afternoons and Drive increased with Nights losing some ground.
  • The heartland for 973 is 25-54, this survey sees them play second fiddle to Nova who now holds 36% of that broad demo. ARN is behind by 1.1 overall.



For SCA in Brisbane like survey 6, this round again see’s one up, one down. The good news was b105, the bad this time for TripleM

  • b105 is now pulling an 9.0 – 10+ plus share, an increase of 0.4 on survey #6.
  • b105 had some big increases in under 24’s, The standout was 10-17’s seeing an 8.7 shift in their favour to now hold 33.5 of the market
  • 18-24’s were also up 3 points for the station.
  • Though 25-39’s and 40-54’s lost ground for b105.
  • For b105 breakfast had a small increase which they will happily take, and that now places b105 3rd in the market for all commercial stations.
  • Mornings was steady, Afternoons and Drive were up with Nights losing a little bit.
  • For TripleM, what they gained in survey 6 has been lost in this round. With an 8.7, it places them number 4 all commercial in Brisbane.
  • They lost some ground for people aged under 24, held steady in 25-39’s and then lost ground again those aged 40 and above.
  • Every shift for TripleM lost ground. It started in breakfast and continued across everyday daypart. The biggest drops were nights and arvos.



For Nova Brisbane they will be happy with the strong result, just point 1 away from taking out 973.

  • They have a 1.4 increase to now hold 12.9% of the market.
  • Nova did take a big hit in 10-17’s shedding 5.9 points, but they did see some nice increases in 18-24’s, 25-39’s and even 40-54’s.
  • Nova 106.9 is clear market leader in the money demo of 25-39, way in front of anyone else.
  • For Nova breakfast an increase this round but not enough to take out 973. Nova now has a 12.4 share with 973 on a 12.6. Oh so close.
  • The good news didn’t stop for Nova with big increases across the day, mornings up, afternoon up and drive up, the only downer was Nights losing ground.
  • For Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty they pulled a 16.5 share, up 2.4 on survey 6 and are the clear number 1 drive show for the market.


Fairfax Radio

For Fairfax, steady as she goes and some good news this round.  

  • 4BC had an increase, regaining the ground lost in survey 6.
  • They increased in 40-54’s, lost ground in 55-64’s but came home trumps in 65+.
  • The good news continues for 4BC with increases in Breakfast. Mornings and Afternoons.
  • Drive stay steady as did Nights.
  • Overall some good confidence boosting results for the station.
  • Over at Magic they lost 0.2, to sit at a 5.2 share.
  • They had their biggest increase in 55-64’s, were steady 40-54’s  and lost ground in 65+
  • Magic Breakfast and Nights increased a little, but saw drops in Mornings, Afternoons and Drive.



612 took a bit of belting this round.

  • ABC 612 had the biggest drop of all stations this survey, shedding 2.1 points to hold a 9.4 – 10 plus share.
  • They lost their dominance in Breakfast to 973 this round, losing 2.9 to pull 12.2 percent of the market.
  • 612 ABC loses continued across everyday daypart – all losing ground this survey,
  • For Triplej, what they gained last round, was lost a little this time round – still though a 8.0 share is pretty good.
  • In 18-24’s they remained steady, lost some in 10-17’s and even more in 25-39’s.
  • Breakfast, Mornings, Afternoons and Nights were down and Drive was up




Steady as, for NE’s two brands in Adelaide.

  • Nova 919 sat tight with an 11.8 share and is number 2 in the market behind MIX.
  • While losing a chunk of 10-17’s (down 5.9), other demos they held their ground to a fair degree. 18-24’s down just 0.2, 25-39’s steady and an increase in 40-54’s.
  • Nova breakfast gained some new friends, increasing 0.3 to hold a 10.5 share.
  • Mornings and Afternoons were up with Drive and Nights losing some ground.
  • Over at fiveAA, really steady as she goes. A slight increase in 10 plus, contributed an 11.2 share of the market, placing them 3rd behind Nova.
  • fiveAA saw some good increases in 40-54’s and 55-64’s, while losing some 65+.
  • Breakfast and Mornings had increases for fiveAA, with Afternoon’s and Nights losing a little and Drive steady.



SCA relaunched SAFM as hit107 during this book and they held their ground 10 plus reasonably well – although it should be noted that hit was only on the air for a fortnight of the 10-week survey.

  • hit107 secured a 8.2 share for Adelaide, down point 2 on survey 6.
  • While still way early days for the brand, they had increases in 10-17’s. Loses in 18-24’s and a bigger one in 25-34’s. hit107 did pick up a few in 40-54’s.
  • Breakfast, Mornings and Afternoons all took a hit. Drive was steady and Nights increased.
  • For TripleM a little movement down to pull a 9 share, from a 9.1 in survey 6.
  • In terms of demo’s it was scattered for them. An increase in 25-39’s but countered with drops in all other demos with the exception of 40-54’s.
  • They would be happy with the increase for Triple M breakfast. They also increased their share in drive but lost out with the other dayparts.



For ARN a drop for MIX but they are still the clear market leader.

  • Second book for MIX taking a dip in 10+, they are still number one with a 14.6% share.
  • This round MIX breakfast takes out the top spot over the ABC but is down on last round
  • They are again number 1 in Mornings and Afternoon but again lose to Nova on Drive.
  • Mix still dominates 25-54’s for Adelaide, way ahead of their competitors.
  • For Cruise off the mark a little again this round but still for an AM music brand a 7.6 is healthy result.
  • Breakfast lost ground as did other dayparts.



ABC891 lost the ground they gained in survey 6.

  • It’s a tight battle for Breakfast in Adelaide, this time round the ABC was beaten by MIX.
  • All other dayparts followed Breakfasts lead with drops across all shifts.
  • Unlike last round, triple J went up securing a 7.5 share.
  • Breakfast, Drive and Nights leading the charge with the biggest increases for the station.
  • For triple J they also had good increases in all their demos.
  • They are number one 25-39 this book and also had positive growth in 18-24’s and 10-17’s




  • Mix94.5 regains its crown this round with a 14.5, it is now one point clear of Nova.
  • Mix had a good increase in breakfast, up 1.3 to snag a 14 share but is it bloody tight one. Nova is just point 2 behind on a 13.8. The ABC is out in front overall though with a 14.2 share.
  • All other dayparts on Mix94.5 all had good increases but they were not enough to claim drive that went to Nova once more.
  • In terms of the demos, MIX increased in 25-54’s and also increased their share of 18-24’s  
  • 929 has a one point increase 10 plus this round, to pull an 8.4
  • Their increases came from 25-39’s up 3.8 and 40-54’s. They did lose more though 24 and under with some big drops.
  • A good day for 929 with increases also in every shift. The biggest in Afternoons and Mornings, with Nights and Breakfast following.



  • Another strong result for Nova but not enough to take out Mix94.5 this round, a 13.5 versus 14.5
  • While leading 25-39’s they took a hit in 18-24’s and 10-17’s
  • Breakfast sat tight but Nova still commands 3rd place in Perth behind Mix and the ABC.
  • Nova still dominates Drive and had a good increase in Mornings with the other shifts losing a touch.



  • 96 FM was flat in Survey 6 but drifted down in survey 7.
  • They now hold a 9.4 share of the market.
  • They biggest loses came in 25-39’s down 6.3 to an 11.5. They also lost ground with 40-54’s but picked up people in 18-24’s a lot in fact almost doubling that demo this book.
  • Breakfast lost 1.4 pushing them down the pack at number 6 in the market.
  • All other dayparts lost share as well.
  • Talk counterpart 6PR also took a hit this round, losing 1.1 to pull a 8.5 share 10 plus.
  • Breakfast and all other shifts lost share.
  • While 6PR gained in 55-64’s, it was countered by loses in 40-54’s.

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