Survey #4 Released: Results Are In

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Survey #4 is in. 2GB maintains its dominance in Sydney with the ABC second but there is a new #1 FM.. with smoothfm smashing it.

In Melbourne, it’s daylight for 3AW – the clear number 1, the ABC second. With Fox increasing its lead on FM with Gold and Triple M level pegging for second spot on FM.   

Brisbane sees 97.3 toppled by Nova1069. Hit105 is third and ABC fourth.

In Adelaide it sees Mix1023 regain the top spot, FIVEaa second and Nova third..

And Perth Mix94.5 is number 1, Nova second and hit929 now in third.

Ahead of our analysis, check the summary pages below:


Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth


  • 2GB maintain their power position in the Sydney market. A flat result considering the political cycle which should have added some momentum overall. While 2GB increased its share 40-54 it took a dip in 55-64’s. A flat result for all their dayparts as well but Alan Jones still delivers a powerhouse result in Breakfast for MRN – the #1 show.
  • There is a new #1 FM is town as smoothfm smashes it. Paul Jackson predicted it’s rise last time Radio Today spoke to him. A 9.1 share ten plus to leap frog Kiis 106.5.
  • All the demos are up for smooth who also surged in 25-39’s. All dayparts are up to boot.
  • For stablemate Nova969 a healthy 1.1 point increase to an 8.1 and now level pegging with KIIS106.5 at equal number 2 FM.
  • Solid increases for Nova across the day and small rise in breakfast for Fitzy & Wippa.
  • The Ten plus gains for 2Day last round have been taken away. Not good news either with drops in all demos under 39 this round.
  • But SCA will be pumped to see a .6 increase for Rove & Sam in Breakfast, unfortunately though not so good across other dayparst – all down with exception of nights.
  • Meanwhile at Triple M a half a point nudge up – all dayparts are up except Drive which is flat.
  • KIIS 1065 had a flat book for survey #4 – overtaken by smooth, KIIS secured an 8.1 now level with Nova.
  • While 10+ may be flat for KIIS, it is Kyle & Jackie that still dominate the FM Breakfast landscape and also a half a point increase to boot – a 10.4 gives them clear breathing space to any other on FM.
  • The key demos for KIIS are not real flash either – all taking a dip (40-54 up though)
  • Not so good news either for WSFM – another drop this round – a 6.2 down from 6.9. WS FM’s heartland also taking a hit in 40 plus.
  • While down, still a solid result for ABC702 – siting nicely in second place in Sydney, meanwhile triple j drops again to a 5.8 an while down in 18 to 24’s – it still kills it.



  • While still daylight between 3AW and any other station – it took whack this round – down 1.2 points but still a 14.8% slice of the market.
  • 3AW Breakfast owns Melbourne still despite over a 2-point drop – a 19.1 it is in a clear space. Those drops continued across other dayparts and some key demos for the station.
  • On FM in Melbourne we see Fox FM increase its lead over any other. The demos for FOX are superb – anyone one under 39 and they have it. SCA would also be happy to see some increases in all their dayparts as well.
  • Triple M is again second place FM but now tying with Gold104.3. Flat results for Breakfast and most dayparts – but Eddie and the Hot Breakfast still lead FM breakfast in the market.
  • Gold 104.3 is level with Triple M this round. Mornings and Arvos are up – Breakfast and Drive down. They re-claimed some of the lost ground in their heartland of 40-54.
  • Another flat result for NE – Nova100 not kicking any real goals 10+. Nova breakfast flat – most shifts not going anywhere or dropping a tad.
  • smoothfm not emulating the success of Sydney – broadly a flat result ten plus – an increase though in Drive for the brand.
  • The ABC takes second place comfortably ten plus – a healthy increase overall with a 10.5 share. The breakfast results for the ABC are to super strong – a 14.8 places them second overall.
  • Triple j up again this round a 6.2 share on Melbourne.
  • SEN up half a point – plenty of fodders with the footy season now in full swing – the odd controversy adding to the spoils.


  • Nova 106.9 finally takes out 97.3. NE will be popping the champers this morning. A 13.7 see’s Nova now ahead of 97.3 with an 11.7.
  • Solid increases in 18-39’s helped secure their victory but it Breakfast and Drive where they lead the charge. Ash Kip & Luttsy – now a 13.5 – they even take out Spencer at 612 ABC. In Drive, Kate Tim & Marty control at 16.5 slice of Brisbane
  • 97.3 had a shocker for survey #4 – shedding 2.7 points to secure an 11.7. It places it second in the space.
  • 97.3 took a hits in their key demos of 25-54. That downward trend continued in all dayparts – all down by at least two points or more. Ouch.
  • Over a sister station 4KQ a solid 8.5 puts them just behind Triple M – superb result for the AM brand. They own 55-64’s in the market.
  • The ABC can still lay claim being the dominate news and talk station in Brisbane – but now fourth in the market. Spencer also losing his #1 breakfast crown to Nova this round.
  • For hit105 – down this book but still third in the market. Losing ground in the demos under 39 didn’t help the cause. While Breakfast was up a bit – other dayparts took a hit – Drive losing 1.5 points this round.  
  • For Triple M – a flat result. While Arvos is up – Breakfast and Drive were flat. An increase in 25-39’s and down younger again – it is the males that matter to them.
  • 4BC cycles between 4.5 and 5.0 – this round an even 5. While losing ground in 40-54’s, in 55-64’s they had a nice surge. Mornings and Afternoon are up for the station with Breakfast and Alan Jones down a bit.
  • No Magic with 882 – another flat result – a 2.8 share.        




  • Mix102.3 had reclaimed its crown in Adelaide away from Nova. An 12.6 sees it lead the pack for Survey #4. But it wasn’t strong enough to take out Breakfast on FM. Good increases for Mix in 25-54’s overall.
  • In second place it is now FIVEaa – an 11.6 sees it now ahead of the ABC ten plus. While the ABC had dominance in 55-64’s, FIVEaa did a good job of grabbing some.
  • Nova91.9 has pushed back to third place in Adelaide but can still enjoy the spoils of being the Number #1 FM Breakfast show. It has also see the reverse happen in Drive with H&A now number 1.
  • The massive gains Triple M had last round evaporated somewhat – now dropping back in the field to fifth place.
  • In breakfast ABC891, still leads the market overall with a 16.6 share – overall they are placed fourth.
  • Hit107 lost share ten plus – a 9.1 this round. Drops across the dayparts.
  • Cruise Adelaide is again a quiet achieve. Up now to an even 8 share. All dayparts are up with Mornings the standout, pull a 9.


  • Survey #4 again sees Mix94.5 at the top and also gaining almost a full point. Mix commands a 15.3, just over two clear of Nova.
  • Some increases in 25-54’s but a dip in the upper end for the brand.
  • While not enough punch to take out Nova in Breakfast, Mix had a solid increase in that daypart. Also solid rises across the day with Drive up almost two points. MIX leads it.
  • For Nova Perth celebrations a plenty with another win in breakfast for Nathan, Nat and Shaun. Overall though a flat round for Nova.
  • A strong result for hit929 in Perth, now placing them third in the market. Solid increase for Breakfast and Mornings with the other dayparts flat.
  • For 96FM down a touch ten plus. In the demos a bit of mixed bag, 25-39’s down, 40-54’s up.
  • ABC720 had a slide down this round with Breakfast taking the biggest hit.
  • but it is breakfast where they shine.
  • 6PR had a solid results – up to a 7.6 share but behind the ABC. The station is up in the 40-64 stakes as well. Increases in all dayparts with Breakfast up a full point.
  • 6IX made some ground for this book and triple j meanwhile was the mark a little but just owns 18 to 24’s in the city – a 30.8 share is what the commercial brands would kill for.

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