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Survey 2 has just been released in New Zealand in 13 markets, plus a combined ‘Major Markets’ release and a ‘Total NZ’ release which included a number of very small markets which won’t be released individually.

We’ll link to all the releases below, and give top-lines on the key markets.

Total New Zealand

The Total New Zealand results 10+ remain dominated by NZME’s NewsTalkZB, however with a decline of 1.4% to 9.9% that lead has tightened. In equal second place on 8.4% driven heavily by a dominant Christchurch result is More FM, and The Rock who saw a healthy national increase overall. Narrowly behind on 8.2% is The Edge in the fourth spot nationally.

Nationally The Edge wins teens and 18-34, The Rock wins 25-54, The Sound wins 45-64, and NewsZB wins 55-74.

The biggest Breakfast Show (by share) in New Zealand is Mike Hosking on NewsTalkZB, whilst Mornings, Afternoons and Drive go to The Rock. ZB wins Nights and Weekends.

On a cume basis, The Edge is the most listened to station in the country with 660,000 listeners.

Overall the Mediaworks stable of stations have  53.1% Share, up 1.3, and NZME & partners have 36.3%, down 1.8%.

You can see the Total New Zealand results here.

Major Markets

The major markets exclude the very small centres in the country and combine the larger population areas. These results are not entirely dissimilar to the Total NZ, although The Edge moves up into a clear #2 in this report, with NewsTalkZB remaining a clear #1.

See the major markets report here.


To the individual markets:


In the busy Auckland market NewsTalk ZB has come in at #1 again, although has seen a decline of 2.8% to 11.2. The #2 station is the CHR/Rhythmic brand Mai FM, with a big jump of 1.1 to 9.1%,

Other strong improvers in Auckland were The Rock and ZM, each of whom improved by nearly a point overall. However the station that would be really celebrating today will be Mai FM, who are not only the #1 music station, but #1 teens, #1 18-34, #1 25-44, and equal #1 25-54.

And a tough day at the office for The Sound and The Hits, each of whom fell by a point overall, both stations seeing hits to workday share.

See Auckland here.


More FM has dominated Christchurch for years, driven by a heritage Breakfast Show, and this survey is no different. The station is #1 on a 17.6% share overall, seeing a jump of 1.4%. Breakfast has a 22.5% share, quite extraordinary in a market with so many stations. 

So the big winner in Christchurch today is More FM, with NewstalkZB in the #2 position on 11.2%, and The Breeze holding steady s the #3 station on 10.5%.

Other stations to do well in Christchurch were Hauraki who saw a big increase of 1.6 to a 3.6% share overall, driven by big improvements 18-44 across all dayparts. Mai FM have also had a strong survey, up 1.4 to 5.6 overall, with a massive jump of 5.3% in 18-34. The Rock have also had a strong survey here improving by 1% to a 7.0.

Stations with a rough end to the year in Christchurch were The Sound who copped a 1.8 whack to fall to 9.0, The Hits who fell 0.8 to 2.5%, and ZM who declined 0.6 to 5.9%.

See Christchurch here.



NewsTalkZB wins the capital with a share of 11.6%, followed by the Breeze on 10%. Both stations declined, but retain a healthy share.

Big improvers in Wellington are The Edge, up 1.5 to 9.2%, The Hits, also up 1.5 to 8.6%, and Mai FM who added 1.4 to move to 3.6% overall.

Rough day in Wellington for More FM, down heavily to a 3.1% share to fall to 14th place, with Breeze, Coast and Magic all falling by just under a point overall.

See Wellington here.

For all markets below, this is their first result of 2016.



Dunedin sees some significant changes from the previous result.

The Rock is #1 on an 11.3% share, albeit with a decline of 1.1%. #2 is NewstalkZB, and #3 is Radio Dunedin.

The big mover in Dunedin was Radio Hauraki, coming off an extremely low 0.9% share, Hauraki has come in with 4.5% overall, centred 25-44. Other improvers in the market are Flava, up 1.7 to  4.2%, and The Edge up half a point to 8.7%.

The biggest falls in Dunedin were Radio Dunedin (down 3.1), The Sound (down 1.9), Magic (down 1.5), Radio Sport (down 1.4) and The Rock (down 1.1).

See Dunedin here.



The Rock, which has a long heritage in Hamilton given it began in that market, wins Waikato with a 12.5% share, although it has declined by 2.3 overall. The #2 position goes to The Edge on 10.4%.

Other strong performances came from Radio Sport (up 1.9), Mai FM (up 1.7) and Hauraki (up 1.1).

There were four stations who saw significant declines, Coast copped a 3.6 whack to fall to 8.1, The Sound (down 2.5), The Rock (down 2.3), and More FM (down 1.1).

See Waikato here.


Hawke’s Bay

The Edge takes Hawke’s Bay with a massive jump of 2.9 overall to 10.7%. NewstalkZB is in #2 place on 9.1, with a massive fall of 5.9% to 9.1%.

Other stations to do well are More FM (up 2.3), Flava (up 2.3) and The Hits (up 1.2). Outside of the ZB decline, the only other station to see significant declines was Mai FM who fell 1.3 to a 4.4%.

See Hawke’s Bay here.



Plenty of movement in Manawatu in this survey and whilst the leading station is More FM on 13.2%, the #2 and #3 are very close behind – The Sound 12.6%, and Breeze on 12.5%.

That said, there were plenty of stations falling heavily: ZM fell by 3.1%, The Rock fell by 2.4%, NewsTalkZB fell by 2.4%, Coast by 2%, More FM by 1.1% and Breeze fell by 1.0%.

Stations to improve were Mai FM who jumped a huge 5.2% to a 7 share, and The Sound improved by nearly as much – up 4.2% to 12.6%.

See Manawatu here.



It’s a trifecta for Mediaworks in Nelson pretty much with the company taking the top 3 spots. #1 is The Edge, #2 is More FM, and #3 is The Rock.

Big improvers in Nelson are The Edge, Magic, More FM and The Breeze, all up strongly.

Stations to have a tough Nelson result are NewstalkZB and Coast, both of whom fell nearly 4% overall, whilst The Hits and The Rock each fell 1.5 and 1.3% respectively.

See Nelson here.



More FM takes Northland on 13.5%, closely followed by The Edge, and a surging Coast who improved 3.2% to 11.9.

Other improvers in Northland are The Sound, Flava, Radio Sport and Hauraki.

Big hits for The Rock and Radio Live who each fell heavily.


See Northland here.



In Rotorua, Coast FM takes the top spot on a 12.2 share despite a 1.8% decline.

Big jumps in Rotorua from Magic (up 7.1), Flava (up 2.2), and Hauraki (up 1.1).

A number of stations saw significant declines in this market – ZM down 3.5, The Sound down 3.3, Radio Live down 3.0 and The Hits down 2.8.

See Rotorua here.



Down in Southland, centred on Invercargill, you could throw a blanket over the top 4 stations who are all within 0.4% of each other, in order they are The Edge, More FM, The Rock and Coast.

Big movers in Southland are Radio Live up 3%, More FM up 2.3%, The Edge up 2% and Breeze up 1.3%. Stations to the a hit were The Hits down 5.6%, Coast down 3.9%, The Sound down 2.5% and Hokonui down 1.4%.

See Southland here.



The Sound gets it’s first 10+ win off the back of a 1.8 jump to 13.2%, #2 and #3 go to The Rock and The Edge.

Big improvements in Taranaki, aside from The Sound, came from Radio Live and Radio Hauraki.

Tough result for The Rock who are #2,  but fell 3% from a dominant #1 position let time. Coast fell 3%, ZB fell 1.2% and ZM fell 1%.

See Taranaki here.



Despite a massive 4.7% whack 10+, Coast remains the #1 station in Tauranga on 11.5%, followed by The Rock and NewsTalkZB.

Strong improvements here from Magic up 2.5, ZM up 2.0, and The Hits up 1.4. Softening results from, obviously Coast, but also The Rock down 2.2%, More FM down 1.1%, and Breeze down 1.1%.

See Tauranga here.








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