Survey 2 released on the Gold Coast

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Survey #2 on the Gold Coast, the results have now been released.

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SCA’s Gold FM remains on top but have lost ground All people 10+ share, a chunky 2.1 percent down to 15.0%.

Hot Tomato, is clearly the big mover today. They have strengthened their position in Survey #2, increasing by 1.6% to hold second spot All people 10+, with 13.9% of the market.

Not a pretty picture for SCA stable mate SEA FM, they copped a hammering also losing 2.1 percent, down to single figures at 8.8%.


Both SCA properties have taken a fall, overall in Survey #2.

For Gold, they have taken a big hit in 25-39’s, shedding 5.4% down to 11.3%. Similar story for Sea FM, losing 3.7 to now hold 11.1% of that demo.

Hot Tomato is out in front with 25-39’s (just) with 17.8%, losing 1.1 from Survey #1. It’s triple j that has taken the front foot here, increasing 2.3% to be second with 17.4% of 25-39's. All that said, Hot Tomato can claim the demo – they are Number 1 – 25-39.


Let’s take a look at each of the major brands in play:

Gold FM is still top of the stack in survey #2 – they can claim #1 overall. They lead 10+ share by 1.1 from Hot Tomato.

Daypart wise, they have lost ground in all shifts, with nights losing the most.

When it comes to Breakfast though it’s a great story. Gold’s Richard, Bridge and Spida are still #1 in breakfast.

They lost 2%, down to 15.0% for this round. But they are still nearly 3 points clear of any commercial competition, namely Hot Tomato.

In drive, Gold also lost 1.2 to 14.0%. It’s still early days to see if Gold FM’s new local shift ahead of networked content at 5pm, makes an impact.


Sea FM is again number 3 in the market for survey #2, but boy they got a bit of a hammering.

Pick a couple of key demos and you will see falls. 18-24’s down to 25.0% (-6.8 on survey #1), 25-34’s now 11.1% (down -3.7). But they did pick up more 10-17’s, increasing their lead by 3.6 to now hold 24.7% of that demo.

For breakfast, Sea FM’s Galey, Matt & Charli held their ground more than other shifts on the station. A slight dip of .6% to 9.5%. Where the wheels fell off for Sea, appears to be across the day. With mornings, afternoons and drive all taking a bit of a battering. Sea FM nights, like breakfast seemed to hold true; only losing .6% to 8.4% this round.


Hot Tomato would be pretty stoked with survey #2.

Cut and dry they are – #1 25-54, #1 25-39 and #2 overall just 1.1 behind Gold FM, and over 5% ahead of Sea.

Every daypart is up, they can claim #1 in Arvos and Drive and Nights, #2 in Breakfast and Mornings. They are the only commercial station to have a decent increase in 10+ share overall.

As we touched on early, Hot Tomato did lose some ground 25-39’s, now 17.8% (-1.1 on survey #1) – but they can claim number 1 for that demo. They did increase in all other demos along the way – the key ones 40 plus. They made inroads on Gold FM’s hold on 40-54’s increasing to 19.0%, just 1 point behind Gold FM who lost 3% in that demo. Hot Tomato also increased in other demo’s which they won’t say no too, including 18-24’s, 10-17’s and 55-64’s.

The good news for Hot Tomato keeps coming when you look at the dayparts.

Flan and Emily Jade for breakfast have increased by 1.3 points. They are number 2 in the market and have gained more ground on Gold FM. Hot Tomato with 12.1% and Gold FM ahead at 15.0%.


Both Hot Tomato mornings and afternoon shifts increased from survey one, Afternoons is number 1. When it comes to drive, the Mal & Luke show increased their share to 16.5% of the market. That makes them a clear Number 1 on drive, with the gap increasing over their nearest competitor Gold FM.



Interestingly triple j, despite going down slightly have had some strong demo performances on the Gold Coast.

They are #2 for 18-24, behind Sea FM and #2 25-39 (behind Hot Tomato)



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