Radio Ratings: Is 2DayFM’s new music format working? Survey says “yes”!, K&J still on double digits at KIIS FM

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Welcome to the second GfK radio survey results of 2018.

It’s an impressive book for Australian Radio Network with good gains for Will & Woody and its 97.3 FM Breakfast show. And it’s #1 stars Kyle & Jackie O return to double digits (+2.3) to 12.3%.

Also some good news for the top brass at Southern Cross Austereo, with promising gains for 2Day FM Sydney; likely a direct result of tweaking its Breakfast show and the introduction of a new variety format. NOVA Entertainment’s only #1 in survey two comes from Brisbane, where Kate, Tim & Marty hold the most listeners in Drive.

Macquarie Media continues its stronghold on Australia’s two biggest markets with 2GB in Sydney and 3AW in Melbourne both #1 overall, while the ABC overtake FIVEaa in Adelaide to dominate talk in the city of churches.

Survey one’s traditionally positive book for triple j after the Hottest 100 has begun to fizzle, but Ben & Liam managed to maintain some of the summer audiences, down slightly in all markets, but less of a decline than the station overall in each capital city.

All the GfK results and #1’s are below, to bring you up to speed quickly.

Radio Today will continue its rolling ratings coverage, including The Spin.

Survey two for 2018 was conducted by GfK for Commercial Radio Australia between Sunday, March 11 and Saturday, April 14.

SYDNEY: Is 2DayFM’s new variety format working?

The dark horse in the Drive race has pulled out in front, with Will & Woody claiming the top FM spot. It’s a big win for KIIS FM, considering strong competition from segment favourites Kate, Tim & Marty as well as recent network-hoppers Hughesy & Kate. This also helped KIIS FM claim the title of #1 FM station overall, beating out WSFM. 2DayFM’s change in music strategy appears to be converting listeners last minute, with an uplift (+1.1) to reach 5.2%. Afternoons with The Chaser (on-air between 3-4pm) is the highest rating shift on Triple M Sydney, with the following show of Kennedy Molloy only holding steady at 5.9%.

#1 FM Overall – KIIS FM
#1 AM Overall – 2GB
#1 FM Breakfast – KIIS FM: Kyle & Jackie O
#1 AM Breakfast – 2GB: Alan Jones
#1 FM Drive – KIIS FM: Will & Woody
#1 AM Drive – ABC: Richard Glover  

MELBOURNE: Talk and sport continues to dominate, Fox maintain #1 FM

It’s a bit of a snoozefest in Melbourne, with listeners sticking with what they know. FOX FM holds on to the top spot overall, as well as in the highly competitive Breakfast and Drive sessions. 3AW also remains unchanged in their AM dominance. In a very quiet book for the capital city, Triple M recorded the most movement, down -0.8 among People 10+. But don’t let the sleepy results fool you – the closer we get to the impending arrival of Christian O’Connell at GOLD FM, the more nervous decision-makers should be.

#1 FM Overall – Fox FM
#1 AM Overall – 3AW
#1 FM Breakfast – Fox FM: Fifi, Fev & Byron
#1 AM Breakfast – 3AW: Ross & John
#1 FM Drive – Fox: Hughesy & Kate
#1 AM Drive – 3AW: Tom Elliott

BRISBANE: ARN’s 97.3 FM now on an equal share in Breakfast with Hit

Triple M’s positive performance overall sees the competition for the #1 FM station narrow, as the man-station moves into a double-digit market share thanks to a gain (+1.3). But that wasn’t the only station making a move – ARN’s 97.3 FM now on equal share with Hit in Breakfast as Bianca, Terry & Bob (+1.1). But the session is proving to be anyone’s game, with the Top 4 FM stations all sitting within 1% of one another.

#1 FM Overall – 97.3FM
#1 AM Overall – 4KQ
#1 FM Breakfast – Hit: Stav, Abby & Matt + 97.3FM: Bianca, Terry & Bob
#1 AM Breakfast – 4KQ: Laurel, Gary & Mark
#1 FM Drive – Nova: Kate, Tim & Marty
#1 AM Drive – 4KQ: Nick Michaels

ADELAIDE: ABC finds AM success at both ends of the day, FM holds steady

triple j’s loss was Triple M and Nova 91.9’s gain among People 10+ in Adelaide, with a -1.4 point drop recorded by the youth broadcaster seeing the audience spread themselves across other networks. The undeniable dominance of Mix 102.3 continued, holding steady on 15.7%. But it was the AM band that delivered the most surprise, with wins for ABC in both Breakfast and Drive helping boost it to the #1 AM station overall.

#1 FM Overall – Mix
#1 AM Overall – ABC
#1 FM Breakfast – Mix: Jodie & Soda
#1 AM Breakfast – ABC: Ali Clarke
#1 FM Drive – Mix: Will & Woody
#1 AM Drive – ABC: Jules Schiller

PERTH: Kennedy Molloy pull away in Drive battle

A relative steady result for Perth, with few significant movers, and Mix 94.5 remaining the #1 station overall with despite a -0.1 drop. The biggest changes overall were falls by ARN’s 96FM who copped a -1.5 dip, with triple j also losing -1.9 of People 10+.

A second strong performance for the year by SCA’s national Kennedy Molloy show (who remained steady at 15.9%) saw Mix become Perth’s #1 in Drive, stealing the top spot from Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty on Nova 93.7 (-1.6). There was also a big swing away for triple j (-2.0) and 96FM (-1.6) in the same slot.

Breakfast results reflected the overarching theme, with Mix remaining steady and Nova, 96FM and triple j copping hits. The biggest winner on Breakfast was 6iX with Tim Gossage(+1.4).

#1 FM Overall – Mix
#1 AM Overall – ABC
#1 FM Breakfast – Mix: Clairsy, Matt & Kymba
#1 AM Breakfast – ABC: Peter Bell & Paula Kruger
#1 FM Drive – Mix: Kennedy Molloy
#1 AM Drive – ABC: Geoff Hutchison

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24 Apr 2018 - 9:37 am

the problem with 2day is theyve gone ad free in daytimes. its the only reason its up and not sustainable so that result will disappear when the sales director calls

24 Apr 2018 - 10:17 am

96fm what a mess

24 Apr 2018 - 11:18 am

2day got to nearly 5 before listeners will get sick of the old music and the station will have too pay some ads at some stage. 2Day breakfast is now a 4.4%. Rove and Sam got to a 4.3%. I wouldn’t be celebrating just yet.

24 Apr 2018 - 11:19 am

97.3 Brisbane is sounding a lot better than last year – they’ve tweaked their music, Bianca is a standout in breakfast, and they’re no longer excluding males with their promos and comps.

24 Apr 2018 - 12:21 pm

Outstanding work by Geoff Watts

24 Apr 2018 - 12:39 pm

For a commercial station to make money, they need ads.
Still below 5 percent 2DayFM plow on, but as soon as the ads come back they will drop to the bottom again.
Nothing to celebrate here

24 Apr 2018 - 1:32 pm

Oh my, magic/4BH is dead.
You had to break it didn’t ya?
A live/local contemporary easy to listen to station that rated low but consistent, was a favourite among many, always found in the waiting room at a doctors, in cars of people de-stressing.
A fun and unique station.


24 Apr 2018 - 1:40 pm

96FM breakfast is the worst radio I have ever heard

24 Apr 2018 - 2:10 pm

What’s all the hoo hah about 2Day?
A five share isn’t much to be happy about. Can’t make money on a 5 in Sydney. Too expensive to run poor returns.

The Highway
24 Apr 2018 - 2:33 pm

The Hit Network ahead of NOVA across the workday in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, well done guys.

24 Apr 2018 - 3:39 pm

Nova are handing 2day, Fox and Hit daytime on a platter. Its that english guy. Lovely guy but a tough listen.

24 Apr 2018 - 3:56 pm

2DayFM should drop Em. She is too loud for a morning show. I change to another station because of her.

25 Apr 2018 - 4:29 am

Says it all Rove did 4.3 Em is doing 4.4 so we know what’s going to happen at the end of this year don’t we.

25 Apr 2018 - 9:29 am

Talking Lifestyle 954 the old 2UE beat 2CH wow ! They shouldn’t have changed format after all.

25 Apr 2018 - 2:03 pm

I agree Matt. It’s a disgrace how they’ve killed 4BH. The station was actually rating very well a few years ago with a more contemporary easy listening format – like Smooth FM. They were even beating a couple of the FM’s back then. But then the geniuses at Macquarie/Fairfax had to go and completely destroy it. Look at the Smooth FM ratings in Brisbane on DAB, they are more than what that Talking Infomercial rubbish is rating, and the switch to sport isn’t going to help. It’s just a joke.

4BH with a “smooth-like” format would be rating in the 4 to 5% range, even with the limitation of AM, and with the help of DAB.

26 Apr 2018 - 5:41 am

The music variety tactic on 2Day May work short term but the station will need to find a long term position. Without a good brekky show the recent rise in share isn’t sustainable which is sad but true. Programming 101. Why did it take 2DAYFM 4 years to change formats anyway ? Nice they’ve had a little bit of good news this week it’s good for morale but breakfast and the product will have to deliver now. Nova, KIIS and WSFM will defend hard now. Meanwhile I read your article KIIS in MELBOURNE has performed very nicely with its new breakfast and drive shows. Duncan should be pleased.

27 Apr 2018 - 7:13 am

SCA programmers have got their heads up their ar*****s. All then hype about their new shows on Hit network and triple M which recorded only modest ratings this week compared to ARN the quiet achiever who put on a former SCA show Will and Woody and they are blitzing it in the ratings in two books. Perhaps SCA should follow ARN and stop being arrogant hypemasters and get on with what they used to do well creating good radio shows. They seem more hell bent of getting interviewed in the trades.
Triple M in Melb and Syd is a disaster and 2Day has shown a few ‘ green shoots ‘ as they keep saying but is still Number 9 in Sydney beaten by the ARN and NE stations. Time to stop the hype boys. Spin won’t win. You gotta walk the talk. Duncan must be a happy man.

27 Apr 2018 - 9:40 am

Gary, pretty funny stuff mate.

ARN haven’t created a show in years?! They wait for other networks or countries to invest in the industry and then hire them and hope they fit.

As for Will and Woody, nice guys but we all know the Drive ratings landscape has yet to reflect 2018 lineups. Suggest there may be pain coming their way yet.

27 Apr 2018 - 10:58 am

Gary couldn’t agree more . ARN have been smart nothing wrong with poaching shows. SCA do it Nova do it everyone does it. Thommo look at the scoreboard SCA don’t seem to be able to do very well in those competitive markets like Sydney and melbourne apart from Fox which has been Number 1 forever. Agree less spin, less industry hype and more focus on product. 2day brekky isn’t that good but Ed is. Tommy show is bland. H&K ah well they were POACHED weren’t they. rest my case.

27 Apr 2018 - 11:31 am

Pete is right. SCA are 7th and 9th in the big markets. Fox the only success. Gordy built that a hundred years ago nothing much as changed.


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