Survey #1 2017: Launceston, Tas

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In one of the closest regional radio surveys so far, Chilli 90.1 FM is the most listened-to station among 10+ listeners in Tasmania’s second largest city, Launceston.

Chilli FM’s 23.9% audience share is closely followed by fellow commercial station LAFM, which holds 22.5%, and ABC Northern Tasmania at 21.2%.

The key sessions belong to Chilli FM. Breakfast duo Dan & Candice edge out Fairsy’s Big Breakfast by 3.1 points, with ABC Northern Tasmania sitting in the middle at 23.7%.

At drive, Chilli’s numbers spike to 29.2% – and it’s thanks to (you guessed it) Hamish & Andy. The fearless duo comfortably beat out LAFM’s The Drive Home and ABC.

Brian Carlton’s Tasmania Talks is a big hit in the morning on LAFM, while the station also boasts strong numbers in the afternoon, reaching 26.1% listenership.

Naturally, Chilli FM is most popular with younger audiences. The station’s numbers dip progressively with older demographics however, reaching as low as 16.3% in the 65+ age bracket.

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Tina Green
21 Jul 2017 - 8:24 pm

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