CRA to measure radio listening habits over summer period

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Radio ratings surveys may be on a summer break until January 17, but the industry will still keep an eye on how consumers are using the medium over the period.

Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) has commissioned GfK – which also conducts the regular ratings surveys – to undertake a summer listening survey, the fourth of its kind.

The survey will cover consumers in both metropolitan and regional Australia and look into how and why audiences stay connected over the warmer months.

“Radio plays an important role over summer and with the need to stay abreast of the bushfire season and COVID news, it will be useful to see how media habits change as the new year gets underway,” said CRA chief executive officer Joan Warner.

GfK’s last Radio Insights Summer Listening Report was conducted in January 2020 and found that 94% of Australian radio listeners agree radio is a great source of information during the summer season. 74% said they look to radio for information during an emergency.

Summer radio listening has maintained steady reach over the past three years, with over 80% of radio listeners switching on radio the same amount or more, and almost three in four radio listeners saying they are more likely to listen to media than watch it, CRA said.

Young people aged 10-24 are the most engaged radio listeners in summer, as 82% are more likely to listen to media than watch it, and one in five state that they listen to more radio during that time.

90% of listeners said radio keeps them informed when they are on the go in summer.

Radio is also a source of inspiration, with nine out of 10 listeners saying that radio helps give them ideas about things to see and do, the previous study said.

The 2020 GfK Radio Insights Summer Listening report infographic is below.

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Rob Sutton
15 Dec 2020 - 12:46 pm

GfK stopped the radio ratings this year because it wasn’t considered safe for people to fill out radio ratings diaries during Covid.

I don’t think they have much credibility

Kath D’Knight
15 Dec 2020 - 10:25 pm

“Young people aged 10-24 are the most engaged radio listeners in summer”

Yet every commercial station have abandoned that demo …


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