Stan Zemanek: 8 Years Ago Today

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Sunday, July 12th, 2015 marks 8 years since the passing of 2UE’s Stan Zemanek. I never missed his show and at the times I wasn’t home I would make sure I set a tape to at least capture some of the shows I couldn’t listen to live.

July 13th is a pretty special day for me too as it was 3 years ago tomorrow that my dad passed away, so whenever Stan’s anniversary rolls around I also think of my dad.

Each night, Stan would replay a couple of calls from the night before, and over time I’d come up with over 100 tracks, sitting on various cassette tapes until I had the time to transfer them all. As my tribute to Stan, I’ve compiled 10 of these tracks into this medley. I often wonder what other Stan Zemanek treasures lie in the 2UE vault but it’s about time anything still in existence of Stan gets either released to the public or put online. We had the “lunatic callers” CD but why stop there? Heck, I’ll volunteer to do the cataloguing and transfer if no one else wants to!

This medley runs nearly an hour long and is a glimpse into the world of The Stan Zemanek Show. Heartfelt thanks, appreciation and credit to Radio 2UE Sydney and Marcella Zemanek for the use of this audio.

Thanks to Frank Luston for allowing us to share his story on Stan Zemanek. 

Audio credit: Radio 2UE Sydney/Marcella Zemanek

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