Spotify revamps podcast charts with new website and algorithm

Spotify's Podcast Charts

Spotify has announced a handful of changes to its podcast charts, including a standalone website outlining the most popular series.

Up until now, podcast charts were only available through the app. The new website shares the leading 100 shows in the US overall, and also breaks them down into categories.

“With a full charts website, creators everywhere will be able to share their success with listeners, family, and friends – or organically get discovered by a listener perusing the site and stumbling upon your show,” a Spotify blog post read.

The top podcasts won’t just be calculated by listeners, however, with the audio service tweaking its algorithm so that its listings factor in both streaming numbers and follower count, with the idea to help fast-rising shows climb the charts.

“Overall, these changes mean the chart is better able to react to new shows, fresh voices, and fast risers, while giving listeners more reason to check in frequently to discover new shows.”

Additionally, a separate chart will be published daily for individual podcast episodes, acknowledging the case when one particular instalment of a show becomes disproportionately popular with listeners.

“It’s also another way for listeners to discover your show, and potentially explore past episodes or follow your show to hear what you come out with next. Of course, if your show does wind up on the new chart, it presents yet another promotional opportunity for you and your brand.”

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