Spill-free zone: The Christian O’Connell Show launches beer run with a difference


Christian O’Connell knows that one of most treacherous parts of any night out is getting from the bar to your seats without spilling your round of beers.

So, to test out who really can manage this often-detested duty, tomorrow morning (Thursday, May 30), Gold104.3’s The Christian O’Connell Show will host 8 athletic and balanced listeners in the $10,000 Beer Race along Melbourne’s iconic Chapel Street.

To be broadcast live on air, the race will take contestants from Bride O’Reilly’s to Temperance Hotel and back.

The winner will be the person who not only reaches the finish line first, but has also kept their pint glasses filled to the brim.

Of the idea behind the race, Christian says “I saw this guy and he had an armful of beers, and he’d obviously said, I don’t need the tray.”

“I do this as well. For some reason, due to my fragile sense of ego, I go, ‘I don’t need the tray.’ I’d rather just coat myself in beer and splash it all over myself and the floor.”

“Anyway, this guy was trying to get his hands around just three pints of beer and it was like he was handling dynamite. He was trying not to drop any for him and his mates and I’m thinking ‘We should have a beer race,’ because I pride myself on not spilling precious beer, especially if it’s around a few friends.”

So far, a former flight attendant, an ironman and an ex-hospitality worker have signed up to take home the cash.

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