Something new – LOCK IN RADIO – who’s behind it?

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He nabbed International Radio Personality of the Year at the Worldwide Radio Summit in LA a few years back, every weekend he's joined by Jo Stanley & Michael Beveridge on the Weekend Breakfast across Australia, he fits in a late show nationally plus does mornings on Fox FM in Melbourne. 

And now he is about to launch his own 24/7 music channel in the New Year.



Byron Cooke.

Byron is launching his own music channel in early 2015 called LOCK IN RADIO.

It's safe to say he has a passion beyond just playing the hits, it's about all about great artists and good new music.

We had a quick catch up with Byron to get the lowdown on LOCK IN RADIO.

RT: Why are you doing it?

Byron Cooke: Think about what's happened in our industry over the last 10 or so years. 

In 2001, a Sydney FM license was bought for $155 million dollars. 155 million dollars for the right to exist as an audio service. That's BEFORE every other set up and running cost you can imagine. $155 Million to flick the switch!

Fast forward to today. Delivery of the content over the internet to mobile devices has completely changed the game. Programming and distributing your own 24/7 radio station to an audience that could easily consume it EVERYWHERE used to be a pipe dream. Now it's reality.

Obviously beyond the fact that I CAN do it, it's about the challenge. I want to create and own something of real value that connects with an audience. 

The fact that it's a niche play and will play music NOT regularly on top 40 is important. It can't (and won't) do what the big players do.

Back in the day I would beg Dobbo to air a specialty show late at night on a network. Now I can set up a 24/7 stream that does the same thing …and I'm not annoying anyone at SCA!


RT: What is the channel all about?  Is it interviews, different mixes or a combination of the kind of stuff you have covered off in MusicGeek?

Byron Cooke: LOCK IN is a curated audio stream. It's a music channel.  The depth of good music and the passion for artists not regularly played on Top 40 is unbelievable. LOCK IN will be a source for new music and artist discovery. It won't be treading on ANY hit music stations toes. It has nothing to do with anything I've done with SCA.


RT: So is this something off your own bat – that is your own creation?

Byron Cooke: It is entirely my own creation and the format is owned by my company.

The origins of LOCK IN go back to a format I developed in Los Angeles in 2006. I implemented it as PD/ MD of KMBY / THE REVOLUTION 103.9 up in Santa Cruz / Monterey / Salinas for 2 years.

It broke rules. It stepped out on new music.


RT: Your part of the SCA talent stable, they are across it?

Byron Cooke: Yes SCA knows and has no issue with it. LOCK IN is a completely separate project with a completely different focus to anything SCA does on FM radio.


RT: So you have an app for iOS and Android.. What does it look like?

Byron Cooke: The app won’t be available until next year and LOCK IN launches Feb 1st, 2015. It's being developed by ALL IN MEDIA in London – the world leader in smartphone apps for radio stations.

The artwork is by CODENAME MAX in Melbourne who have worked with me on my personal digital strategy for years.  

LOCK IN has a very clear and simple focus so you can expect the app to reflect that.


RT:  Did you have to navigate all the rights and permissions side to serve music etc…. bet that was fun?

Byron Cooke: APRA/AMCOS and PPCA have been helpful and co-operative throughout the process. 


LOCK IN RADIO launches Feb 1st, 2015. You can keep tabs on its progress with LOCK IN on twitter and on Facebook here







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