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From being blinded by Em Rusicano’s fabulous sequin jacket on Instagram Stories, to participating in Smallzy’s ‘POOP’ poll on Facebook and Triple M Brisbane’s Marto attempting to rehash his career as an aerobics instructor – you all need to pat yourselves on the back.

This week, stations were kicking impressive goals on social channels.

Special mention this week goes to Kyle and Jackie O for their smart use of Facebook Live during an on-air interview, which brings me to a very light-hearted edition of this week’s Social Scorecard.

I stumbled upon a goldmine of social media fails on a Facebook page, titled ’Shit Social Media in Radio’. No, my radio brothers and sisters, it’s not Aussie radio, but rather focusing on our UK fam.

As we know, humorous social media posts often perform better than others. A recent survey by OTX suggests that social media users are more likely to share ‘funny’ content rather than ‘important’ stuff; 49% vs. 43%.

Whether these were strategically cheeky or simple mistakes, I hope they put a smile on your dial.

Smooth FM North East apparently had a big night out on the cans…

…..a ’wide shot’ mishap with BBC 5 live Sport….

and an announcer calling his colleague out for ‘forgetting’ he had an on-air shift.

Just remember – No matter what kind of day you’re having, somewhere out there in Radio Land there is someone who probably just made it a whole lot worse for themselves!

1. KIIS 106.5’s Kyle and Jackie O: Facebook Live – Interview with ‘Britney Spears umbrella’ paparazzo Danny Ramos

Danny Ramos, the pap that was attacked by Britney Spears with an umbrella before her ‘head shaving’ episode, is now selling the infamous umbrella to the highest bidder.

Despite the post getting deleted (luckily I took a screenshot), I commend Tom for executing this interview in such a creative way.

Ramos spoke to Kyle and Jackie O on his mobile phone, and Facebook Live streamed the interview with the umbrella and the vehicle he was in when the attack took place. Armstrong then shared the stream onto the K&J page and engaged live with users during the interview.

I suspect the stats were quite high, given the Facebook Live Stream had clocked up a few thousand views in just 20 minutes – I even pulled over in my car on Friday morning just to log on and watch while I was listening on my radio.

Congrats Tom, a very impressive use of socials!

2. Hit 92.9: Twitter – ‘The Biggest Carpool Karaoke Ever’

I was sceptical at first, but then I glanced at the driver who resembles a freakish liking to comedian James Corden, famous for his ‘Carpool Karaoke’ segment with celebrities.

They had me hook, line and sinker as I watched the whole clip through. ‘Adele’ (A bearded gentleman with a red wig on) and ‘Justin Bieber’ (Possible hipster? Complete with the Biebs signature denim hoodie) joined ‘James Corden’ in this lip synced delight of mashed up audio.

A brilliant and engaging way to execute an Adele ticket giveaway! Watch it here.

3. Hot 100 Darwin: Facebook Live – ‘Hot 100 Get Me To Bieber’

A great activation idea and driven so well.

Nine listeners won the chance to slurp a frozen Boost Juice, (without opening the cup) right to the bottom. If they found a photo of Bieber, they scored themselves an all-expenses-paid trip to Brisvegas to attend his concert.

The team were instrumental in creating enough suspense to get users to watch the entire broadcast. It’s always difficult to know which way listeners will go. The energy can be unpredictable at the best of times, but the Hot 100 team were fun. Well done!

Social Scorecard is compiled exclusively for Radio Today by Jess Frangelli.

Jess is an AFTRS graduate and Account Manager at social-first digital agency Jaden Social.

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