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This week I want you to think of your social media platforms as… a playground.

You got all the little friendship groups, but you are the left-winged hippy that just wants to be friends with everyone – holding a biodegradable cup of organic free-trade coffee and non-homogenised milk. Feels good being mates with everyone right?

As a radio show or station there’s a fine line to keeping the balance; using solid strategy can earn you stacks of new followers, and stuffing up could mean up could spell an unfollow forever.

You might think some of these mistakes seem harmless, but they have the potential to ruin it for you with at least one of your demographics.

So this week, I want to flag a few things, (well, six in fact), of what I consider are the cardinal sins of social media.

1. Enter, register, click me… NOW

Yep, we know we can sign up to join your listener club, I hear it on your station, see it all over your social banners and website. Listeners are sitting on your socials because it’s SOCIAL; they want to check you out and interact with you. It’s not the only way to reach them so don’t try to pitch and plug continually. By forcing these sort of posts down users throats, you come across as annoying, fake and insincere. Balance it out with engaging content and spread it out in within your social schedule. Remember the power of the thumb – it’s pretty easy to unfollow.

2. Trying a trend that you don’t get

What may seem like a genius idea from Susan in promotions to hop on the bandwagon and do the Mannequin Challenge or using a trending topic to get noticed, could fail miserably so tread carefully, aye? You don’t want to come to the party too late or not completely understand what certain hashtags meant before posting.

3. Facepalming your followers

I get asked a question on social media, I answer it. So when there’s a visitor post or question asked within your comments, respond as soon as you can. Listener writes something positive? Say thanks! You’ll lose face and respect because your entire audience can see you’ve ignored your listeners. Do it in a timely fashion too; you should be doing community management daily so get into the habit of checking everything.

4. Random post times

I get it; you are juggling a million things. But if you aren’t posting a set amount of content that has a purpose, your listeners will sit up and take notice. If you are unpredictable, they aren’t going to stay around for long. Your schedule doesn’t have to be of military precision, just be consistent and tight.

5. Nasty Click bait

Want to make your audience start to hate you? Continue with the click bait. 55% of users stay on a webpage for about 15 seconds, so focus on engagement and stop grabbing them by pushing out misleading posts. Pay attention to your analytics too, and the stats will speak for themselves.

6. Post using a consistent voice

I am a firm believer in posting specific content for each platform. However, it’s also to get the finer details down pat. Use simple language and tone making sure you maintain it across all your socials. Are you creating memes? Use a particular font. Incorporate your station somehow within the content, whether it’s a unique hashtag, logo banner or colour scheme.

Most shows and stations are still in holiday mode, but SCA’s Hit Network has downright smashed it this week – they take out the top 3 spots.

Our picks this week come from Hamish & Andy, Fox FM Melbourne, and Tanya Hennessy.

1. Hamish & Andy: ‘Convertible through a carwash’

Views: 879,000
Reactions: 30,000
Shares: 4,361
Comments: 9,500

I died. It could have been the ultimate car wash fail, but instead, it was Ando & Hamish sacrificing a convertible and going through a carwash – without the top on. If there was an Aussie Jackass, they would be the genius duo behind it. Brilliant!

2. Fox FM: ‘Do you think we should ban all plastic bags?’

Views: 45,000
Shares: 69
Comments: 204

It was refreshing to see some content that raises debate about an important topic, popping up on ‘The Project’ – Great use of a live poll plugin which would have gained significant engagement and sparked conversation. Clever and executed well in a timely fashion.

3. Tanya Hennessy: ‘What you see versus what’s really going on’

Reactions: 8,000
Shares: 34
Comments: 293

Want to know why Tanya’s socials are so successful? There is no secret formula – she’s relatable and real. She’s one of us. Such a simple post; a photo of wardrobe mishap on a photo shoot, getting high engagement. That’s how you do socials – snaps for Tanya (‘Legally Blonde’ reference. You’ll get it if you’ve seen it.)

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