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While some will argue that you cannot make money from video on Facebook, the potential reach is mind blowing.

The social platform generates an average of 8 billion video views on Facebook each day. Your content has the potential to build high brand awareness, create a buzz and could go viral.

It’s not rocket science to figure out why you need a solid strategy to push out those videos. So let’s get down to business.

Remember videos auto-play without sound
About 85% of all video on Facebook are viewed with sound off – if you can’t understand it without sound, your video is probably going to stiff. You may want to consider using subtitles to make sure your video is still effective without sound, or using the silence to your advantage.

Concentrate on the first few seconds
Due to auto play, you only have a few seconds to make your impact on your audience as they scroll down. Skip the bullshit and jump right into the purpose of the video.

Go for short and sweet
While you aren’t restricted on video length, long vids aren’t necessarily better. Why not tease your audience with a preview of a longer video, linking it to a call-to-action?

Trigger emotion
Psychologists know that appealing to emotions can be a very effective tactic and is engaging. So turn it up – nothing wrong with some drama or surprise to encourage likes, shares and comments.

Try going native (no, I don’t mean nude!)
Upload your video files directly to Facebook rather than sharing a link to your website? Native videos account for up to 80% of all video interactions on Facebook.

Make it exclusive
If you offer something unique on Facebook, people will find more reason to follow you there, in addition to your other web properties.

Answer questions
Do you frequently get asked the same questions? Your answer could make fantastic fodder for a Facebook video. This also adds a personal touch to your brand, which is always nice.

Get views with a well-written status
Along with auto play that headline is either going to make or break it. Make it short, punchy and funny – you don’t need to explain what’s going on, Captain Obvious!

Your other alternative is to post a quote from the video. Don’t forget to tag your station, personalities and network to boost your reach.

Use Facebook Live
Live video is a handy tool to show off events, cover news, and to give your audience a behind-the-scenes glance at what is going on. Make sure you interact live with your audience and respond to their comments to increase engagement. And please, please, PLEASE….leave the video up, it doesn’t matter that it’s not all glossy and polished that’s part of the appeal. Don’t delete it – you’ll find your views will increase if you leave it alone.

Our picks this week come from The Grill Team, Heidi, Will & Woody & Mel & Trav:

1. Triple M’s The Grill Team – ‘Car Dating’

A ballsy social media move by a show that leans towards a male demographic, and I’m digging it. I adore Emma ‘Freeo’ Freedman, and her facial expressions are priceless. Throw her in the front seat with a lass in the back wearing blacked out sunnies, sitting next to a couple of fellas…and you have yourself an engaging, creative concept. Could this be a sign that the fellas are going soft? Doubt it, but I like that they tried something different and unexpected.

2. Hit 92.9’s Heidi, Will and Woody – ‘Heidi tricks Will into going on AFL WA

Will wears a pair of goggles and finds himself ‘live’ on a Footy WA television segment. It’s random and genuine – thought has gone into the video, with text subtitles, accommodating for audiences that may watch the video via autoplay. Clever cross promo too, hat off to the social team and video producer!

3. Wave FM’s Mel and Trav – ‘Black Tape Project’

If you aren’t all over #TheBlackTapeProject craze, then this is a perfect intro. Women are apparently wearing nothing but black electrical tape to clubs….yup, all over their bits too. Cue Wave’s brave staff member, who strutted around the office and out into the street. Right idea but my only suggestion would be that he visit the local shopping centre for more of an impact!

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