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Ah, Easter. Not just a religious holiday for some, but a time to justify binge eating and drinking, gorging on chocolate and chucking sickies on either side of the public holidays, just to get that little extra time off

I felt it was completely appropriate to give you a tequila shot of the latest stuff that’s going on with social media. I’ll call it, ‘A Shot of Socials’!


A few new developments with the photo and video sharing app, which is now home to over 400 million users.

Direct messaging: Few little features have been rolled out in the past few days, including a new update on direct messaging that mirrors Snapchat. Users will be able to combine permanent and disappearing DMs into one easy-to-follow thread, instead of separating the two.

Ads popping up in Instagram Stories: Great for stations and shows, terrible news for users. Your ads run between users posts, much like the ads on that are run on Snapchat Stories.

Save your Instagram Stories Live video: Finally, you can save live footage to your phone after your broadcast is over. Your video will still disappear from the app when you stop streaming, but you will now have the option to save the footage. You’ll be able to spot the ‘save’ button in the top right corner of the screen after you finish a live sesh, making it super easy to find in your camera roll, next to those drunken nude selfies. (Ha, just making sure you were paying attention!)


Facebook Stories: You may have spotted on your personal accounts that you can share Facebook Stories directly to your newsfeed and via Messenger.

The downside for you guys is that if you’re already maintaining a presence on Snapchat and Instagram Stories, you’ll have to also create content for Facebook Stories too. The other issues are that if you have been creating different content for each platform, this is another pain-in-the-ass thing to add to the list! Despite this, it’s something you should jump on to capitalise on live content.

Facebook group chatbots: Facebook are set to launch this shortly, and it’s there to keep users up to date in real-time about news, sports results, website deliveries and more. Unfortunately not much is known about how it will work. All will apparently be revealed at the F8 conference on April 18th.


I’m starting to get the impression there is a ‘scrag’ fight about to erupt between Instagram and Snapchat. All we need is a viral video and a slap down with these new developments!

Snapchat Stories become searchable: Users will now be able to search Snapchat Stories for topics, including footy games, shows, or what’s going on at their fave club.

It’s bee on the most-wanted list for mortals and marketers for ages. The only problem with it is it’s not easy to find and of course, was overshadowed by the release of Facebook Stories. Hold onto your seats though, it hasn’t quite been rolled out everywhere, so I’d say keep an eye out.

Targeting direct response-minded businesses: Great news for y’all, you’ll be able to target Snapchat users who are most likely to download your app. You will be able to target users who have shown interest in either your station or show and the content you are offering. You will be charged a cost-per-thousand-impressions scale that’s modelled on auction-style, competitive bidding.

Our picks for radio’s top social posts this week come from Kyle & Jackie O, Jonesy & Amanda, and Lyndal & Josh:

1. KIIS 106.5’s Kyle & Jackie O: Facebook – ‘DB returns to K&J’s Haunted House’

Clearly, I’m a sick individual that takes pleasure out of seeing a grown man squeal.

I could watch this video over and over again as KIIS FM’s content director DB screamed abuse as he walked through K&J’s Haunted House at Sydney’s Royal Easter Show. Priceless!

2. WSFM’s Jonesy & Amanda: Facebook – ‘Jonesy and Amanda’s Pie Hole’

An Easter tradition where the ‘city meets the country’ is fitting to feature a pie designed by two city slickers. A simple taste test video formed a great little promo for socials.

Thinking Jonesy’s breakfast pie made with sausage, bacon, hash brown, tomato relish and egg may be a winner!

3. C91.3FM’s Lyndal & Josh: Facebook – ‘Where is the egg head hiding?’

A smart Easter ‘egg’ hunt promo run using visual clues uploaded to Facebook.

Listeners needed to guess where the egg head was located in the Sydney suburb of Campbelltown – the team uploaded images with the background slightly out of focus so it wasn’t too obvious. Very creative, well done!

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