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This week we’re continuing our four-part series on how to create great videos for platforms – today’s channel; Snapchat.

Personally, it’s a dark horse for me. I prefer Instagram Stories; however, there’s no denying the power and reach of the disruptive social start-up now synonymous with the ghost emoji.

Brace yourselves though; it’s not just teens that use the platform. While about a third of all Aussies between 18-24 use Snapchat, 28% of Australians aged 25-34 are on it daily. So armed with those stats, think of how many of those are listeners that you may be able to reach.

The reality is your strategy and execution better be smoking hot to reel them in after just 10 seconds. And keep in mind that videos need to be different and unique on each platform.

So where do you start? Think basic psychology – tap into your listeners’ triggers. We are programmed to want things that are in short supply and have a fear of missing out. Essentially this is why Snapchat is so successful, so use it to your advantage when creating videos. Here are a few big pointers to keep in mind when creating videos for Snapchat:

  • Post exclusive behind the scenes content that listeners can’t see anywhere else, including other platforms. Lure them until they can’t resist.
  • Share in the moment. It’s not like any other platform (aside from Instagram Stories), so resist the urge to make Snaps super polished and staged. Be spontaneous, raw and real; however, don’t hold back and have some fun with filters and emojis. Don’t forget to include a witty caption – you don’t always have to state the obvious!
  • Shoot things in vertical, not portrait. The interface uses vertical, so you will see at least 10 times the completion rate versus landscape videos.
  • Play around with a creative call to action – what about a discount on concert tickets or free download from an artist that you have landed from a label? It’s a savvy way to boost your conversions.
  • Keep it straightforward and brief. As I’ve pointed out, you only have 10 seconds, but with Snapchat Stories you can link a few Snaps to create a unique storyline that continues for 24 hours.

The very last thing? Download Snapchat and play around with it yourself. Get your hands dirty and go nuts on your personal account then recreate the same practices.

NEXT WEEK: Instagram.

Our picks this week come from Fitzy & Wippa, Bree & Gawndy, and Bodge & Strawny:

1. Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa – ‘Ray Hadley stitch up’

I love seeing Ray Hadley lose his shit on the Today show when Karl stirs him. It looks like the fellas do too. Such a simple stunt, which included the legendary 2GB talkback host. His reaction is priceless – can’t wait to see if he retaliates!

2. Hit101.3 Sea FM Central Coast’s Bree & Gawndy – ‘Spray painting the boss’s wall’

This one ticket off the basics to creating an engaging video – it’s real, raw and in the moment. It’s also a perfect length and doesn’t drag on, so your interest is maintained. I have only one question: who was in charge of repainting that wall?

3. Triple M Mid North Coast’s Bodge & Strawny – ‘Trying their hand at busking’

Clearly Bodge has a tremendous career playing the recorder if all else fails – don’t start me on those clappy hand thingys, he is one talented dude. Super annoying but fun – would have loved to have seen people’s reactions. Otherwise, well done!

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