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Who says you can’t reuse good content? Notice I emphasised good!

In most instances, it’s going to have a different response from when you first post it. It’s a savvy, resourceful and efficient way to breathe new life into successful posts – and a realistic, maintainable part of social media strategy that most producers should employ.

You will quickly discover that you may tap into a new audience. Some users respond better to images and video over text. Rejigging your content for specific platforms often means you have made it more appealing to fans, which should extend your reach.

There’s no shame in trawling your old updates….so, what should you repost?

I’d be rehashing what I call ‘evergreen’ content, that has performed well – grab the stuff that is timeless and still relevant no matter how old it is. So forget that about your versions of ‘happy Chewbacca mask lady’ and renditions of Adele’s ‘Hello’, no matter how funny you thought they were.

You really should be monitoring your social platform and website analytics closely too, to see which older posts are still driving traffic to them. Chances are there are a few popular posts that could be recycled and can continue to drive traffic.

Once you’ve cherry picked what you want to repost, there are a few ways you can repurpose it; you just need to think outside the box. Stuck for ideas? Try these suggestions:

A very simple and easy way to repurpose content. Nostalgia marketing is very powerful, just look at the popularity of #TBT (Throwback Thursdays) and Buzzfeed. Pull out those old videos and photos and create a new, fun campaign.

Butcher and reshare your video content
Reedit your content to create a series of 30-second videos – then stagger and post them in order. Videos are hugely popular but remember most users don’t watch long edits – make them short and punchy. Repackaging videos so that they can be understood without sound, can also drive engagement and views.

Reuse visual content for promo posts
Held a listener party, event or promotion a while back? Reuse or share photos and videos from it, accompanied with a hashtag. Guaranteed there are a few candid shots from talent or listeners that could be turned into memes, station promo or teasers for upcoming events too.

Adjust your content accordingly to go on different social platforms
You may have posted a photo on Instagram that got a tonne of engagement, or you created a video that gained quite a few views. Chances are if it worked well on one platform, it could also rate well on another. Ensure you optimise it accordingly – rework the copy, edit the video, add captions for Facebook, etc. You’ll appeal to a new audience, and it will continue getting engagement.

Repurpose social media visual content on your website
To create video content and images is time-consuming. Instead of using them just once and forgetting about them, why not repost it on your website?
If you have a video you’ve used on social media by station talent, and you’ve written an article or feature related to their show, you should be embedding it underneath. Snapped a great image? Incorporate it.

Our picks this week come from Hot 91.1, Nova 106.9 and 104.1 2DayFm.

1. Hot 91.1’s Dave, Sam & Ash: ‘Does anyone else think Justin Bieber is singing about one of Australia’s favourite soft drinks?’

This has all the ingredients of a viral video and then hitting a home run. Take a hit song and give it a local spin; in this case comparing the sound of the lyrics to an Aussie classic…. passionfruit fizzy drink Pasito.

I don’t care how dodgy the superimposed graphics look, by the way. It adds to the humour and charm, proving that content doesn’t have to be overly polished to be a winner. Bloody brilliant, can’t stop playing it and laughing at my screen.

2. Nova 106.9’s Ash, Kip & Luttsy: ‘When we see another Schapelle Corby news story’

I’m sure many of you are well and truly sick to death of covering the return of Schapelle Corby. There is no denying the public are a stunning contradiction, complaining about the coverage – yet they click, watch and listen to anything that they can get their hands on surrounding her return.

Once again, another great example of why locally relevant social content works a treat and ensures spectacular engagement – the tags alone would have exposed the team to a new audience and their socials would of gained huge reach. Well done!

3. 104.1 2DayFM’s Em Rusciano with Harley Breen: ‘Em may have ordered something from Gucci!’

Social media superstar Christian Hull can do no wrong. I love this because it highlights what I’ve said about resharing content – demonstrating that you can repurpose it across all your platforms and still get great engagement.

A series of Instagram Stories videos shared on Facebook; It’s raw, real and genuine. I suspect the content also appeals to her demo, which I’m sure like the rest of us never ordered super expensive Gucci loafers. I would of probably accidentally stabbed myself with a stud on the shoes by now, so I’ll admire them from afar via socials.

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