Social Scorecard: Radio’s top social posts this week, plus Facebook cover videos have arrived

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Looks like your social media will start popping soon – Facebook cover videos have finally arrived!

The team at Facebook have been testing it for a while and have finally introduced it for Facebook Business. You are now able to load a short video that runs on a continuous loop instead of a cover image.

“I don’t trust words. I trust pictures.” -Gilles Peress

Why should you replace your header with a video? 

  • It’s captivating. A static image will capture a brief moment. Videos express so much more and are considered a better form of content to capture engagement.
  • A video tells you the whole story. Your senses are stimulated by the imagery, motion and sounds.
  • Increases user engagement

I’ve said it many times – videos always get better engagement than any other form of media on socials. You are capturing users attention and giving them more of a reason to stay on your Facebook page.

You’ve bought yourself more time to pitch to users

Using something as simple as a video not only grabs their attention, but you have more time to convince them to click through to your website or to tune into your station.

Higher conversions

Increase engagement and you’ll discover higher conversions.

Showcases your brand

Go nuts and show off – It’s a new place to feature the best bits about your show, station or network.

There’s little certainty on what the direct impact is so far for brands, but overall it’s a new tool that is certainly going to enrich your page.

From a digital marketing perspective however, this new feature will allow you to create a more interactive experience for fans.

 What’s the best approach?

  •  Make sure the video you create is about 20 seconds, (90 seconds is the limit but don’t go there!) and it should be at least 820 x 312 pixels.
  • Shows off your brand or show’s personality.
  • Has a point – illustrates some sort of story.
  • Avoid being overly polished and over produced; be real and genuine.
  • It adds value to your page.

Who knows what’s next. I’m predicting they will allow you guys to monetarise this feature eventually, with ad capabilities possibly in between Facebook Cover videos on pages. Whatever the case, it’s certainly getting more and more exciting for socials!

Our picks this week come from Ace Radio’s The Morning Rush, Nova 96.9’s Fitzy and Wippa and Hot 91.1.

1. Ace Radio’s The Morning Rush with Jon Vertigan & Kate Meade: Facebook – ‘Parenting the Teenagers Maiden’

Gave me flashbacks of mum nagging me, followed by a door slam and ‘I’m 16 I can do what I want!’. That’s exactly why this video hit a home run. Multiple generations can relate to this hilarious take on parents and their teens; our experience mirrors what’s being said. Have a look at their engagement – plenty of comments and tags. Overall well shot and executed, however community management with a successful piece of content is a must. Lesson to take away? Respond to those comments ASAP and engage with your audience. Otherwise loved it!

2. Nova 96.9’s Fitzy and Wippa: Facebook – ‘Wippa gives Fitzy a wedgie’ (Nova Entertainment)

You know what I like most about this video as a viewer? It’s it appears spontaneous and true to their on air personas. Cheeky, fun and just the right length to ensure engagement.  Audiences want to see this sort of behind-the-scenes stuff and likely to stay on the page browsing.

3. Hot 91.1: Facebook Live – ‘Sunshine Coast Survivor: Boss Edition’ (Grant Broadcasters)

The Hot 91 team have been running their own ‘Survivor’ promotion via their social media. When you think about their strategy, it’s on point. There are striking similarities to reality TV to the rise of social media. It’s interesting content that keeps users coming back to their page. Plus, I’m sure there’s secretly been a boss or two you’d like to leave overnight in the middle of the bush somewhere. Two thumbs up.

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