So who wants an iPAD?

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Could you handle your very own, brand spankers, iPAD?

Of course you could. That's where Radio Today comes in.

Have a listen to the live read from legendary (and criminally under-rated) talkback legend, Graeme Staines, of 8Fun FM below;

Our thanks to Graeme's faithful panel operator and production genius, Jeff Neilsen. And look out for the full-length unedited version of Graeme's live endorsement next week (when it comes back from being legalled) – featuring an alien-inspired promo.

Back to the free iPAD. So to summarise, here's how it works:

You need to subscribe to Radio Today's free email (here), making sure you opt-in to receive our newsletter, and you'll get a specially numbered imaginary Radio Today "Totes Amazeball" allocated to you (photo at right is indicative only).

On Monday 2 July we'll stick our hand into the Radio Today giant Totes Amazeballsack and draw out a specially numbered imaginary Radio Today "Totes Amazeball".

If it's yours, you win a fully tricked up you beaut brand new 32GB Wi-Fi and Cellular enabled iPad *

* Which is another way of saying "all email subscribers will go in the draw and on July 2nd one will win an iPad 2". You know how theatre-of-the-mind works, folks.

** Oh and if you're already registered with Radio Today, and have opted in for emails, you're automatically in the draw, so all good sparky.

*** The email address has to be a working functional one.

Check out the t's & c's here if you're into the fine print.


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