So Dramatic’s Megan Pustetto ended up in hospital over death threats last year

Megan Pustetto from NOVA’s So Dramatic! Daily, ended up in hospital last year after a string of online hate and death threats that resulted in the offender being charged.

The mind behind NOVA Entertainment Podcast Network’s latest addition spoke on the Radio Today Tonight podcast about the ordeal, saying “she didn’t feel safe.”

“Last year I was trolled really badly from a number of people,” said Megan.

“It was actually like really really bad, I ended up in hospital for a couple of days because of it.”

Online haters went after Megan sending consistent abuse in an attempt to disrupt her life in any way possible. Job, family, and mental health were all in the crosshairs.

“It had been going on for a couple of months and got to the point where they would call my mum, they were harassing my brother, and that’s where I draw the line,” she said.

“I feel like I’m a pretty strong person, I can handle a lot, I don’t really get affected by that stuff, I really just laugh it off, but when they started to come for my family I was like, ok this is way too much.”

There were a number of offenders involved in the incidents and were triggered by articles written on Megan’s website, So Dramatic! Online.

“I didn’t feel safe, I didn’t feel safe for them. And then I got death threats. That was kind of like my ticket to go to the police, because I’d reported it to the police before and nothing had been done.”

Initially the police were unable to do anything to stop the incidents, and suggested Megan just turn off her social media.

“As soon as someone sends a death threat or tells you to kill yourself, they actually have to step in, so that was kind of like a blessing to be honest, because they actually took action and charged the person who did that and they were charged and found guilty,” she said.

“I’m actually holding people to account or calling people out and there are going to be people that come for me, and I fully understand that, I just think, don’t go for someone’s family and don’t take it to the point of, I’m going to kill you for doing your job.”

“So last year was a really hard year, but I’m kind of glad that it’s all happened and its over and its like a fresh start.”

Megan’s So Dramatic line-up joined the likes of Tanya Hennessy, Sami Lukis and Craig Harper in the Nova Entertainment Podcast Network this year as she moves onward and upward.

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21 Feb 2022 - 4:16 pm

Anyone that has heard this podcast would know she’s always playing the victim claiming to be trolled, what about the trolling she has done on many Australian reality TV contestants?

She labels it reporting, but some of those people she has ‘reported’ on have ended up in hospital, mental health retreats and psychological therapy.

The podcast is no better than high school gossip.

No One Cares
22 Feb 2022 - 2:19 pm

I’m sorry but if your getting trolled online, first and foremost do what any normal person would do is to log off, or even delete ALL social media and stay off the internet for a while – simple thing that you can do can stop a lot of crap there and then.

18 Jun 2023 - 9:08 am

Funny but she is the one telling reality TV people that she herself TROLLS how they’re in the public eye so they shouldn’t complain about such things, comes with the job she says. As one of the other comments says, she is so good at playing the victim that it’s become laughable and sad. She indulges in mean behaviour under the guise of “reporting” but sure others are the trolls


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