Sir Bob tackles the big issues


Sir Bob Geldof certainly didn’t shy away from the big issues during his week co-hosting Breakfast with Libbi Gorr at new digital start-up Disrupt Radio.

From cancel culture to the media empire that is Meghan and Harry, Bob was never short of a cheeky quote or three.

Even Harry Styles wasn’t immune.

Here are some of the observations Bob shared during his week on air:

On cancel culture:

When asked whether he thinks some old songs deserve to be cancelled, Bob said “I find nothing offensive.”

He went on to say “You can’t make the environment safe, there are no safe spaces. It’s called life.”

On writing songs:

When Libbi asked Bob if he used to write his songs on mushrooms, he replied with a blunt “Um, yeah … obviously. That’s how you did it back in the day.”

On Harry Styles:

“Harry’s good … But he doesn’t change the cultural dial. David Bowie is a proper genius.”

On Harry and Meghan:

Bob said Harry was no longer pertinent to the crown.

“He has to find something for himself to do, and he found a woman who would give him purpose … and it’s driving everyone nuts, just shut up, you know, live your life, dude.”

When he wasn’t spouting brazen ideas, Bob was busy pestering co-host Libbi like a hyperactive sibling.

When he told her she has an ‘annoying’ voice, she somehow kept her cool, but she responded with, “I really just want to tell you to fuck off.”

After a few days on-air together, she was indeed just telling him to f off.

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