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AFTRS just wrapped up Show Radio, it’s where the Class of 2015 is thrown in the deep end covering the Sydney Easter Show. Joel Brown from the Central Coast is one of the guys doing the Advanced Diploma Radio. He gives an insight into 2015, what worked, what didn’t and more from some of the Nexgen of radio talent.

Four weeks ago If you were to mention the sheer thought of show Radio to me & the rest of the AFTRS radio students, I’m pretty sure the general consensus would have been a  severe rush of anxiety having us all run for the hills. Not being the first AFTRS students to face the music of show radio, which is country by the way, a defiant challenge & foreign concept to some students. No simulated practice runs at AFTRS HQ would completely prepare us for what we were to expect at Sydney Olympic park.

AFTRS Head of Radio Lisa Sweeney says the Class of 2015 was in shock on Day One, suddenly realising the need to be all over everything for a continuous 14 day stint.  “The crew quickly learned the need to work collaboratively to ‘feed the hungry beast’ of radio,” she says.

“They rose to the challenge and delivered fresh, innovative and at times lateral angles on the great timeless stories that make the Sydney Royal Easter Show so iconic.”

No I in Team

Being somewhat dropped in the deep end Student Hugh Edgar, 20, was quite surprised of how hands on it would be. ‘You’re so reliant on everyone working as a team, making sure everyone has everything covered’.

There wouldn’t be one student who could say they didn’t leave their microphone on, not ask for a talents last name, didn’t press record on the zoom recorder or didn’t have a poorly written script.

Eliot Barham, 21, Says preparation is key. ‘preparing content that you feel is air worthy, thinking you have enough content then realising as it’s too late that you don’t have enough’

Most of these mistakes were only made once, maybe twice but it didn’t take long for the class of 2015 to dust themselves off, take notes from their air checks, pull their socks up & hit the ground running….again.

Location Location …Location

Lecturer & former student Katya Quigley was impressed. “Show Radio 2015 proved there is more to the Sydney Royal Easter Show than show bags and Dagwood dogs.  The team got their hands dirty and met some of the wonderful characters who make the show a unique experience”.

“With the best view of the main arena, the Show Radio team showcased the best events and profiled the best people at this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show”.


Lecturer Fyona Smith said “It’s incredibly rewarding to be part of the biggest event in Sydney that allows AFTRS Radio students to develop their editorial judgement and be exposed to endless content opportunities. Australia’s’ next generation of radio stars get their start with Show Radio”.

So what began in panic, then organised chaos and finally great content. It all brought the students & the people of the Sydney Royal Easter show together. So as the country slowly leaves the city for another year, the students of AFTRS radio take a piece of the country with them as they move onward with their media careers looking forward to the next challenge ahead.

Find out more about AFTRS here.

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