Shots fired: Em Rusciano hits back at Kyle’s “humiliating” ratings comment

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Following Kyle’s on-air offer to buy the 2Day FM license for $20 this morning, Em Rusciano has taken to Facebook – via her personal page – to respond.

In this instance, we’ll let the Facebook post speak for itself.

Dear Kyle Sandilands,I sold out the Opera house in 20 minutes last week, indeed my whole national tour sold out. My…

Posted by Em Rusciano on 2017年11月13日


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14 Nov 2017 - 3:08 pm

I didn’t realise 2DayFM could sell advertising based on Em Rusciano’s audiobook and social media engagement levels. They must be thrilled.

14 Nov 2017 - 4:13 pm

His gripe is with the network love, wouldn’t take it so personal… anyone on that slot is on his hitlist. Will be interesting to see if your prediction is true Em, is there something we don’t know?

14 Nov 2017 - 5:45 pm

Shouldn’t Em be concentrating on her own show instead of listening in to Kyle and Jackie O?!

14 Nov 2017 - 9:07 pm

I don’t really understand. She’s popular but no one is listening to the show?

15 Nov 2017 - 5:58 am

I heard Kyle talk about 2DayFM’s ratings. He never once mentioned Em’s name.

She should focus less on Kyle and more on why it is that those who buy her book and buy tickets to her shows aren’t listening to her radio show.

Dolly Parton
15 Nov 2017 - 7:45 am

I think the real question is did Kyle break the ratings embargo by discussing the ratings? Ratings are embargoed until 9:30 so when did his comments air? And what will GFK do if he broke the embargo?

Jeremy B
15 Nov 2017 - 9:09 am

Hi Dolly Parton, I just checked the logger. Kyle started talking about the ratings at 9:45am. Guess that’s settled then.

15 Nov 2017 - 11:36 am

Sounds like poor Em is feeling the pressure.

Neil Docherty
15 Nov 2017 - 12:22 pm

Listener’s vote with their ears….based on that, 2day has a long way to go and it all starts with breakfast…if you have a crap breakfast show you end up with a crap station…..2day needs to rethink their strategy as the present one ain’t working Sherlock

15 Nov 2017 - 1:59 pm

This is so irrelevant ” my radio show has twice the engagement levels online ” Who cares ? Google maybe but not gfk. Radio ratings comes from real listeners. Who cares about social engagement and how many followers you have.
Clutching at straws here. 2.8% ratings says it all. This is like a footballer saying he didn’t kick any goals but his boots were the shiniest ones on the field.
Blah blah bloody blah Em. No on is listening.

15 Nov 2017 - 2:21 pm

Dear Em, You tried to take on John Laws and now you are butting heads with Kyle. I think you should quit while you are behind.

Barry Scumphreys
15 Nov 2017 - 3:02 pm

2SM merger? They could do with Zetta over there and you could both opt out of the book? only joking guys, keep doing what your doing. Monday comes back ones a week. Feb once a year, 2003 will come back just takes longer that’s all.

16 Nov 2017 - 3:30 am

Kyle was taking a shot at SCA executives not you Em. Harden up girlfriend. No response would have been a better response. And honestly the ratings are really bad.No social ‘ engagement ‘ is going to save this one. Em have you thought about being a You Tuber less money but more fun.

17 Nov 2017 - 3:22 am

Here 2Day gone tomorrow.


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