Sex and podcasts: What Nikki Goldstein wants Australian listeners to learn

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Australia’s most in-demand sexologist wants to shed more light on love, sex, relationships and dating in her new podcast series.

A product of Southern Cross Austereo‘s partnership with PodcastOne, Sex and Life with Dr Nikki Goldstein was one of the original content series announced yesterday.

We chatted to Dr Nikki about the upcoming 12-part show, as well as the benefits podcasting offers.

What can people expect from your new show Sex & Life?

People can expect to be challenged, entertained and educated. There are subjects and topics I have always wanted to talk about but because they are considered taboo or too sexual,  I have not been able to do it in a public platform. Some of these topics might not be things a listener would personally be into, but they might have a friend who is or have heard something about it. My aim is to make people less ignorant about the subject of human sexuality so it can either benefit their own lives or have more of an understanding about the people around them. 

What is the most unexpected place the Sex & Life show took you to?

There are a few places that for the average person might seem a bit unexpected, but not for me. Being a sexologist, I have gone to some interesting lengths all in the name of research. I have been on porn sets and behind the scenes and the Adult Video Network Awards. I’ve been to sex toy factories, sex toy conferences and toured brothels. I am always curious and want to get my information straight from the source.

This is a bit of what I hope to share in Sex & Life, but you will have to tune in to see where we go. I don’t think my producer Alex knew when he signed up what he was in for, as he is the one that has to come and hold the microphone. 

What does podcasts offer the discussion around sex that other forms of media do not?

First of all it’s the subjects we can cover. With various media outlets there is a somewhat conservative feel, and you need to always consider who might be watching. A parent turns on their TV and their kids might still be in the room. There is also the issues of the definition of what’s ‘family friendly’ and ‘safe’. You will never know the limit until you cross it and often it can be a bit scary for those producing this content.

The other difference is the way we get to present this content. It’s not a four-to-six minute segment with scripted questions or planned points. It’s a casual conversation and often producer Alex and I have surprised ourselves as to where an episode has gone or what we have learnt. We really go on the journey together to exploring these topics and I love that I still get to learn new things in my area of expertise.

What podcasts are you listening to at the moment?

I’m not monogamous to one podcast at the moment!  I like to listen to some of the sex and dating ones that come out of the US, but really it’s what I’m in the mood for on that day and that’s what I think is one of the benefits of the podcasting world. You are not restricted to a small pool of subjects and topics. I might hear of something in the media or someone might tell me to check out a podcast and I can do it so easily and quickly. 

Sex & Life consists of 12 episodes, which are available for listening now here.


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