This Simple Adjustment Changes Your Show From Self-Indulgent to Relatable

Isn’t it amazing how some personalities sound like the show is all about them. It’s inside, full of chatter that makes the audience feel like they are outsiders. And other talent can present the same topics, but include the listeners in the conversation. it’s relatable, conversational and inclusive.

What’s the difference? it’s usually just a simple adjustment in your approach. Just changing your point of entry makes a huge difference. This starts with the hook.

Here are examples of how the same content can be perceived as either self-indulgent or relatable, can exclude the audience or include them. Both setups allow the talent to reveal character through their content. It’s just

About Me

  • Yesterday, I indulged myself. It was all about me. I took a nap, went and got ice cream and did everything I wanted to do. I had everything done. There was nothing left on my schedule. I love days like that.
  • I was watching an old Seinfeld rerun last night. I love Seinfeld, and sometimes I think I love it too much. I start quoting episodes when we’re out with friends and my wife gets mad at me and….
  • I have two little kids, both under 5 years old. And every time we drive past a McDonald’s they scream for us to get them a Happy Meal. They drive us crazy. Yesterday, we were….

Inclusive/Listener Focused

  • Don’t you just love it when there’s nothing on your schedule? Everything on the to-do list is checked off, and you have a day to yourself? You can do anything you want. Indulge yourself. What do you do on days like that? Yesterday, I had nothing to do. It was a my ME day.
  • Do you remember that Seinfeld episode a few years ago…the one about the Marble Rye? That episode got me in trouble with my wife over the weekend.  We were out with friends and….
  • You know what the worst thing about having little kids is? When they start to read and recognize what signs are. Like when they realize you’re right by Chuckie Cheese and they go crazy. Well, I have a solution that may help you…

Do you see the difference? It’s a simple adjustment. Just look at your world a little differently. Turn the spotlight on the audience first, and they’ll reward you with attention!

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