Scomo quizzed on the ABC, conservative media and reining in bias


Scott Morrison has described the ABC as being its own worst enemy.

Weeks out from the release of his memoir, the former Prime Minister was quizzed about media bias and the rise of conservative media outlets during an interview with Neil Johnson on national Christian broadcaster Vision Christian Media.

Morrison was asked his thoughts on perceptions of bias at the ABC – and being accused of failing to rein it in during his time as PM.

Morrison said “I wouldn’t be the first conservative Prime Minister to be accused of that. John Howard was accused of the same thing and many others.”

“We’ve all made our attempts at trying to get the ABC, I think, to be more even-handed. But I’m yet to see someone have any success with that.”

“We’ve put different people on the Board, but it tends to run its own show.”

“But as they become more like they are, well, that just opens the door for people to go elsewhere and to listen to other voices.”

“If they can’t hear the multitude of voices on the national broadcaster, they will seek them elsewhere. Nothing wrong with that. It’s a free market … whether that’s specifically Christian voices, or other more politically more conservative voices.”

“I think they’ve become, in many respects, their own worst enemy.”

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2 Apr 2024 - 2:29 pm

Strange Morrison did not mention total bias on commercial radio. It is blatant & sickening.
I’m told he was sucked up big time by the ex sporting yobbos on 2GB who apparently attract the right wing politically uneducated & the religious dropkicks.

4 Apr 2024 - 2:42 pm

Allan, the commercial networks can do whatever they want. The difference here is we pay for ABC and they have a charter to adhere to.

5 Apr 2024 - 11:27 am

maybe if he supplied some links or airchecks we could make our own minds up. Instead, he just mouthed an opinion. And the world is full of hot takes


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