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Star FM in Shepparton has been having a bit of fun this week with 'Tommy & Candys Fearphobia'.

The segment was inspired by an episode of Oprah where she admitted to being scared of balloons, from that Tommy became 'Captain Courageous' and assisted listeners face their fears.

Listener phobias that Tommy and Candy featured during the week were:

  • a fear of creeepy crawlies (the bugs not the pool cleaner presumably).
  • emetophobics, which is a fear of vomiting.
  • a fear of garden gnomes.


However, the final 6 listeners to be featured suffered the following phobia's;

  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Heights
  • Taxidermy and wax figures
  • Balloons and clowns.


Have a look at one of the listeners facing her fear of spiders below.



and you can see the other videos here.

If you have any 'bits' from your show, or station, whether they are one-off or regular, shoot us an email with some details here.

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