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We had an idea for a new segment. Okay we stole it.

For anyone fortunate enough to attend a Morning Show Bootcamp conference in the US, there is a regular segment on one of the days called 'Battle of the Bits'. It is where Morning Shows stand up and give a snapshot of their 'best bit' for the crowd.

Famously at one bootcamp, Merrick and Rosso told the story of a 'bit' they did which involved a listener with no pants on, tempting a mudcrab with his testicles in a stand-off. Of course the actual bit never existed. Didn't matter, the crowd all believed it.

Anyway, we thought we'd pinch it. And start our own 'Battle of the Bits'. 

If you have a segment on your show, whatever daypart, that you think is worth sharing – drop Halesy a note here and give him a rundown of the 'bit' and the audio.

Our first 'bit' comes from the newish Breakfast show at Star 104.9 in Albury/Wodonga, Ben & Kristie.

Here's how Ben Erbsland and Kristie Mercer described their segment 'Fe-Mail'.

"This segment was based around an idea we found being run in Perth so we decided to add our touch to it. As they say, it’s not where you get an idea from, but where you take it to"

"Ben claimed women over think and complicate things and one day said 'sometimes you just need a male’s perspective'. Kristie decided to give him a chance and allow ladies across the Border to email through their problems but she’s not sure whether Ben’s actually helping or just making it worse."

"The segment is called 'Fe-Mail"
or hear it here

Send us your 'bit' here, and leave your comments on this 'bit' below.


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