‘SCA made the decision to cut Kyle & Jackie O’

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On Friday, Merrick Watts, Jules Lund, Sophie Monk and Mel B appeared on The Today Show to reveal the new 2Day FM breakfast show.

When asked why it took four people to replace two, Merrick replied; "Well to be completely fair Kyle is the size of three (laughter), oh come on am I the first person to make that joke?" (hear the audio)

Now Watts has spoken to The Sunday Telegraph, saying:

"I just have this Pavlovian response to tease Kyle when I hear his name. That came off the back of those photos from his holidays in Fiji. I just saw those pictures and I thought, wow … the guy is obese. He is morbidly obese.

"And you know, it's not great for him. And look … nothing I said today is anything he wouldn't admit himself."

Merrick also revealed why Kyle & Jackie O left 2Day. He commented:

"(Kyle and Jackie O) didn't make the decision. SCA made the decision they weren't going to go with them again. It was their call and Kyle and Jackie O can put any sort of spin on it that they like. But I know from my dealings with SCA management that that was the case."

This led to a response from Kyle's manager, Andrew Hawkins, who told The Tele:

"They are the reigning No. 1 show for 52 straight surveys in a row. As far as I know, the only one who was fired was Merrick Watts, when Triple M sacked him from his drive show at the end of last year. Wild claims like this are only a cheap mechanism to get some attention and somehow make himself seem relevant."

This morning, Merrick has tweeted the below pic using the hashtag #potkettle

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