SCA and Grey Goose partner for a boozy cocktail podcast

SCA has partnered with Grey Goose Vodka and its agency OMD Create to immerse listeners in a virtual garden bar as they sip specially created cocktails, each with a bespoke soundtrack to enhance the flavours.

‘The Grey Goose Garden Bar,’ hosted by Brooke Boney, is designed to offer listeners the ultimate smooth and premium tasting experience and is available on LiSTNR and wherever you get your podcasts.

Each Friday in December, Brooke Boney, who also co-hosts the award-winning The Dream Club podcast on LiSTNR, will release a special sonic seasoned cocktail immersive shortcast.

Brooke will walk listeners through steps to make each cocktail then sit back with listeners on a garden chair and introduce them to a piece of smooth, uniquely composed music that is designed to deepen the taste and experience of the cocktail.

The podcast series will feature three crafted Grey Goose Cocktails – Le Grand Fizz, Fresh Cut Spritz and Watermelon Spritz – with each utilising immersive 3D sound that washes over listeners to enhance and complement the premium, smooth taste of a unique Grey Goose cocktail.

Sonic seasoning has been used by some of the world’s top restaurants, designed to make use of the fifth sense of hearing, where low frequency sounds have been scientifically proven to add a bitterness to food, with higher frequencies bringing out the sweetness. This is the first time that sonic seasoning has been applied to a drink anywhere in the world, with bespoke soundtracks composed to complement the flavour of each cocktail.

Head of The Studio at SCA Sydney, Luke Parsons, said: “This world-first audio innovation is the new way forward in creating customer experiences via bespoke, cutting-edge, immersive audio technology.”

“We are so excited to be Grey Goose’s exclusive audio partner and to be able to create a unique and engaging podcast that we know will resonate with LiSTNR audiences.”

Stephanie Sarantakos, Marketing Manager, Grey Goose said: “Grey Goose is constantly pursuing new and exciting ways to innovate. This world-first curated sound and taste experience offers yet another elevated way for lovers of Grey Goose to engage with our products.”

“Vodka is a booming category and Grey Goose is leading the way with innovation not only in flavour, but also in consumer experience and enjoyment.”

Steph Pearson, Director of Social & Innovation, OMD Create, said: “This is an exciting time to be in our industry with enhanced audio technology being more embraced by Australians.”

“We wanted to create a memorable experience that truly enhances the taste of a Grey Goose cocktail, through the science of sonic seasoning and binaural sound technology. We’re proud to be working alongside SCA and Grey Goose to bring this world-first to market.”

The Grey Goose Garden Bar podcast is live from 10 December on LiSTNR.

Listen to the Grey Goose Garden Bar here.

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15 Dec 2021 - 9:42 am

Just heard the ad for this on Spotify, the audio is all messed up. Brooke keeps fading in and out during the drink pouring overlay.


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