Sattler: “I’ve done nothing wrong”

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Howard Sattler, who was sacked this week by Fairfax Radio after his bizarre questioning of Prime Minister Julia Gillard, remains unrepentant over the interview.

He has now said that he faces financial ruin over the sacking, and has confirmed that he will take legal action against Fairfax.

Speaking to News Limited, Sattler commented;

`I have no income at the moment and I have debts, if I don't get my job back, I'll be looking for another job immediately'.

Sattler went on to say that his questions were designed for his listeners, who have heard rumours about Tim Mathieson, and deserved to know the response.

`There are some conservative people in the community who do have a problem with these things and they want to know what's going on. I accept the fact that sexuality is not a major political issue but some people vote against Gillard because they don't like her living arrangements, I think the questions were relevant.'

Sattler denied that the questioning was disrespectful;

`I understand that Labor party sycophants would think that, but I think the Prime Minister is a public persona and people want to know about their private life.'

Sattler has attacked his former employer over the termination and rejected a 6-month payout offer. He has said that he will be pursuing legal action for wrongful dismissal, and accused Fairfax of sacking him because he has Parkinsons disease.

Sattler said; `I've done nothing wrong, the Prime Minister's staff said that `candid' was fine and I assumed that meant it was OK for me to ask those questions'.

6PR General Manager Martin Boylen has refuted Sattlers claims over the reason for the dismissal saying;

'That is categorically untrue, it's ridiculous and completely false. The only reason Howard Sattler's engagement with 6PR ended was because he pursued a line of questioning with Prime Minister Julia Gillard that was disrespectful to the office and the person of the Prime Minister and was entirely inappropriate'.

Whilst Sattler will pursue legal action, he is also now considering entering federal politics in Perth in September's election.


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