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In an emotional statement this afternoon on 6PR in Perth, and published on the station's website, Howard Sattler has spoken in very honest and raw terms of his personal challenges of recent times, and how they have impacted his on-air performance.

All people in the radio industry, no matter where they work or where their allegiances lie, would wish Howard all the best in his recovery.

Here is what Howard told 6PR listeners this afternoon:

Howard Sattler 6PR

During the past few months it has become evident that I have been struggling with my speech. 

At first I believed it to be a throat problem and a consultation with an ear nose and throat specialist confirmed I had a nodule on my throat. However it was benign and it was considered normal for someone in my profession.

Marked weakness in my delivery then developed into slurring, that became more prevalent with tiredness later in the day.

Recently it has been become clearly noticeable…so much so that some listeners have called or emailed the program suggesting I was inebriated. Despite the obvious jibes nothing could have been further from the truth. There was another ludicrous rumour that a BOTOX injection had gone wrong.

I have in fact had a stroke…maybe two of them.

An MRI scan in the past fortnight has confirmed this (it’s called a sub cortical infarct) and the best guesstimate is that it/they happened about three months ago.

Sufficed to say that the problem needs to be addressed ASAP to prevent another episode and to guarantee a return to optimum health and on air performance.

For what you’ve heard from me for the past few months I’d like to apologise. While I don’t profess to be the most eloquent speaker I pride myself that my normal diction is sharp, pointed and professional.

I’d like to sincerely thank the management of 6PR, especially General Manager Martin Boylen and Program Manger John Solvander,   for their support and understanding during this difficult period. At all times their primary concern has been to the restoration of my health and my wellbeing.

My closest work colleagues, producers Kate and Pippa, have borne the brunt of your concerns over my performance. Thank you my angels.

Now I need a break so I can give my recuperation its best shot. I’m taking leave for the next two weeks and hopefully that will go a long way to addressing the condition….after that intense therapy will continue.

If needs be I will take more time away to ensure a full recovery.

Thanks especially to you the audience for your indulgence over the past several months.

I’ll do my utmost to repay you on my return.

Howard Sattler

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