Sattler appears in fake election campaign ad

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ex-6PR drive jock Howard Sattler is appearing in a viral ad for Messages On Hold that makes fun of the upcoming federal election campaign.

Although Sattler recorded the piece prior to his gaffe with Julia Gillard, the company decided they'd still use it because since the incident "at least people know who he is."

The ad allows users to insert names of friends and family into a customised TV news report which is then sent via email.

In Sattlers piece he says:

“It all started when a listener called in to tell me about a friend of theirs. A friend they thought would make a great PM. Australia needs a leader like this. Someone with vision, someone with passion… I urge all my listeners to jump on the bandwagon,” said Sattler while sitting in the 6PR studio.

Sattler has told Fairfax Media he is glad the video is gaining popularity.

“I just wish I was still there (at 6PR). Everything that has happened has been a massive overreaction."

See the campaign here.

Read more at Fairfax Media here.

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