Sandra Sully: “My media career was completely accidental”


Sandra Sully says “the benefit of youth and enthusiasm” is what helped her get out of bed during her days doing breakfast radio in Canberra.

I spoke to Sandra on the latest Food Bytes podcast about the challenges of shift work in both television and radio.

And while she might be one of Australia’s most recognised and respected newsreaders, Sandra says a pursuing a media career was never on her radar:

“It was completely by accident.”

“I worked in health and fitness before I started down the journalism path.”

“One of the ladies in my running club worked as a senior researcher and producer at a current affairs show on Channel Seven.”

The woman was leaving the job and suggested Sandra might be a good fit for the role.

“And because I used to run this aerobics studio – we had about 125 classes a week – I was a little organised eager beaver,” Sandra says.

Sandra had no interest in being on camera.

When she turned up for an interview, she said “I’m here as a production manager. I don’t want to be on air.”

She landed the job as production manager. Her tasks included putting make up on the TV host.

A switch was flipped.

“I fell in love with journalism, got a cadetship and off I went. It was completely serendipitous.”

“I felt like I started late and I had so much to learn.”

Sandra started out on the bottom rung and worked her way up. As far as she’s concerned, the best way to learn is to start out in the regional areas.

“I really did learn that you just need a foot in the door. Learn your craft, be respectful and work hard.”

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12 Apr 2023 - 11:09 am

… ah yes, we remember the early days at BTQ7 and then Prime Canberra don’t we Sully …


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