Ryan Jon explores parenthood in new podcast series

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Hit104.7 and 2Day FM weekend breakfast host Ryan Jon‘s new podcast Am I Ready To Be A Father debuted at #2 on iTunes in the kids and family section.

In the series, Jon gets some advice from well known Aussies on how to be a good parent and dad. He’s learning to juggle work commitments with family life, and documents his chats to friends, experts and radio people. 

Triple M Hot Breakfast host Eddie McGuire tells Jon that his mindset changed when he and wife Carla learned they were expecting.

“I used to think if it ended tomorrow, I’d just go get another job in another field or go to university.”

“Suddenly it’s a different game. I have a family. There are lives at stake here. So there was a change in tactics and change in focus on the way I wanted to live my life.”

Reflecting on his life as a radio host with girlfriend Brigitte, Jon said: “I know I don’t have hardest job in the world. It’s never physically hard. Sure, you get tired sometimes but I see tradesmen and construction workers lifting things and digging holes. That’s hard work.”

“What makes radio so different is that despite the fact you’re never working as hard as you can physically – you’re also never not working. You’re always thinking about it a little bit, asking questions and sniffing around for that next idea.”

When asking Brigitte if she thinks he will have time to be a dad, she replied, “I think you’ll make time to be a dad. You’re priorities will shift and you’ll make time.”

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