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After a successful year together at Canberra’s Hit104.7, Ryan and Tanya start weekend breakfast on 2Day FM next Saturday (28 Jan), following the Hit Network’s announcement of new local weekend breakfast shows for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

We caught up with Ryan, originally from Melbourne, and Tanya, who hails from Newcastle.

How long have you worked together?

We’ve been mates for 3 or 4 years and worked together in Canberra for 12 months.

Tanya on Ryan’s Best Qualities?

Ryan’s best quality is that he is creative AF.

I am always so excited to see what he has for the show; it is always different and always surprising. He is brilliant. 


Ryan on Tanya’s Best Qualities

Tan’s one of the best content creator’s in the country.
 Being a mess probably sucks for her! But hilarious for the rest of us to hear about.


Tanya on Ryan’s Worst Qualities?

He constantly thinks I owe him money – and he is the tightest man alive. 

(He puts his auto car into neutral going down a hill to save petrol.)

He also thinks I’m into him and consistently thinks I’m hitting on him.


Ryan on Tanya’s Worst Qualities?

Either the fact she owes me money or the constant sexual advances in the studio. 
I mean, for all the grabbing the least she could do would be to sling me a few bills.


How will you approach the Sydney show differently to Canberra show?

We spend 15 hours a week on air in Canberra we’ve got a good relationship with people that listen in. 
In Sydney we’re the newbies again! 

Sydney will still hear the same Ryan and Tanya, but it’ll be more about Sydney and probably a little lighter.

On the Canberra show, we’ll do more heavy/emotive interviews or personal pieces, and that won’t really be the vibe for weekends. 

Besides the fact we have to spend even more time together, we’re freaking excited!

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