Russell Crowe and Soda on the red carpet…

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Mix102.3 breakfast hosts Jodie & Soda had a bizarre run-in with Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise at The Mummy premiere in Sydney last night.

Soda was plugging a new radio segment titled Dementia Buster, giving participants a brainteaser to stimulate their memory. Crowe, Soda’s first victim, was quick to shoot down the radio host.

“How many animals of each species did Moses take on the ark?” Soda asked Crowe.

“Moses? He didn’t have an ark! Fuck off you knob, I was Noah,” he laughed.

Co-star Cruise was a little more forgiving when receiving the question from Soda. Even though Cruise originally thought he wouldn’t be able to get the answer, he eventually tackled the brainteaser with learned precision.

“First of all, it wasn’t Moses,” he proclaimed. “But I don’t know how many animals,” the star admitted.

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