Rumour Mill: Triple M’s Kavalee & 105’s Coleman to Sydney?

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Ed Kavalee

It’s that time of year when the networks are looking at options for the new year. And it’s also that time of year when there are lots of rumours flying around.

The Australian has reported that Ed Kavalee from Triple M Brisbane breakfast and Abby Coleman from Hit105 will be doing a Sydney based national show for SCA. Ed is currently based in Melbourne and does his Brisbane show from the SCA Melbourne studios, and the Brisbane studios at different times.

Ed’s profile has risen recently with weekly television appearances on “Have You Been Paying Attention” and various other shows.

The Australian also reports that SCA are talking to Hamish and Andy about their future with the network. An SCA spokesman says H&A will return in ” some form “ next year however it may be a pre-recorded program. It’s not known whether they will appear on a daily basis or once a week. If weekly it would be likely that SCA may be’ warehousing ‘ the talented duo to prevent them appearing on any other network, or it may be that is all that the duo are prepared to commit to.

H&A have an equity component in their contracts which entitled them to more than $2m worth of stock on October 30, 2015 (midway through their contract) and another $1.14m at the start of this year.

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