Ronnie Stanton chats international programming on ‘Game Changers’

Former Assistant Editor

Craig Bruce continues to roll out episodes of Game Changers: Radio at break-neck speed and his latest chat is with programmer and talent coach Ronnie Stanton.

Ronnie is an international radio consultant and currently the content director at Hot91 on the Sunshine Coast.

He spent almost a decade in Canada, primarily as the VP of programming at major Canadian network Corus, but also spent time programming in the US.

Ronnie chats with Craig about his time as a presenter alongside Chrissie Swan, right the way through overseas adventures, before returning to Grant Broadcasters last year.

“She taught me everything I needed to know about authenticity, about being real, and the power of that on the radio.”

Listen in full below:

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15 Apr 2019 - 8:34 pm

Ronnie …. this brought back memories of patch cords and Audisk failures #GoodTimes

16 Apr 2019 - 10:07 am

How Ronnie isnt a CD in cap city is amazing! What a great podcast it was. Have never had the chance to meet Ronnie, but came across as a great leader who really knows how to empower talent and get the best out of them. SCA/NOVA get this guy


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