RØDE introduces industry-leading parental leave policy

Australian audio tech manufacturers RØDE has unveiled a new industry-leading parental leave scheme to support employees and their families.

Applicable to all full-time RØDE employees working within Australia, the policy offers up to 20 weeks of full paid leave for primary caregivers, which covers both the employees’ full salary and superannuation contributions over the period.

A childcare allowance is also incorporated within the scheme, allowing parents who choose to return to work before the end of the paid leave period to receive an extra 50% of their salary for the remainder of the 20 weeks to assist in covering childcare costs.

RØDE CEO Damien Wilson said that the new parental leave scheme reflects the company’s commitment to building a supportive workplace culture.

“We have always been proud to foster a nurturing work environment here at RØDE,” Wilson said.

“We strive to support our employees in all aspects of life, both personal and professional, and have taken a number of steps to build a workplace culture that represents this. RØDE’s new parental leave policy will ensure employees feel financially stable and that their career development is secure.”

Wilson also said that the policy overhaul – a first for the Australian audio industry – was developed in conjunction with a committee of female employees who identified key entitlements to be covered in the leave scheme.

“It is important to the company, and the country, that anyone who chooses to become a parent feels supported while balancing the demands of their career and their family,” Wilson added.

“This new policy will ensure that any RØDE employee who has children is not disadvantaged, both while they are raising their family and in their future.”

RØDE has also said that further plans to extend the company’s family support network are currently in the works.

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26 Jul 2021 - 4:57 pm

This is amazing! Australian radio should take note!

27 Jul 2021 - 11:49 am

This is so good! Leading the way!

Secondary Carrers (Mostly Dads) need more leave as well. It’s shameful how it’s still so limited in Australia. At least 4-8 weeks full pay.


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