Robin Bailey tests positive to COVID-19

Brisbane’s 97.3 FM’s breakfast show host Robin Bailey confirmed on air this morning via Zoom, that “I got Rona, I’ve tested positive to the Coronavirus”.

Robin shared the news with 97.3FM listeners that she and her sons Fin, Lewin, and Piper have all tested positive for COVID-19.

“I’ve been pretty sick. I’m not going to trivialise it.  None of us in hospital, but it’s a bitch!’.  She spoke about today being the second day she’s been upright and that she can re-enter the world tomorrow, adding, “it’s been an interesting ten days, but there’s also been some very gorgeous moments like I’ve had all my kids here, and they couldn’t leave.”

You can listen to the audio here.

With Robin recovering the return of Robin and Terry to 97.3 for 2022 has been postponed until Monday, January 24.

To open up about her experience living with it, Robin also wrote an open letter about her ordeal.  You can listen to her podcast piece here.

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13 Jan 2022 - 7:12 pm

Robyn Bailey has Covid? Big deal, so does half the population

13 Jan 2022 - 10:15 pm

Arn should syndicated kJ for a week.

14 Jan 2022 - 8:30 pm


14 Jan 2022 - 11:06 pm


You know you didn’t have to say anything! Just scroll on


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