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It’s nothing that unusual for stations to speed up a track by a couple of percent to make them sound a little brighter and faster.

But what about chopping them in half?

And then pushing out 24 songs an hour.

Sound impossible?


QuickHitz is a new patent-protected format that launched out of the US late last year and is slowly making inroads into other countries.


It’s a Sparknet product, the same guys from Canada who delivered the Jack– playing what they want – format.

The QuickHitz format follows a similar principle – a turnkey solution if you like. Like others before it, it would be customised to suit a market’s needs and nuances.

Some key points that define the QuickHitz Brand include:


QuickHitz is targeted squarely at hit based format brands – lock in a super tight inventory load, double the music and slick promo values

It doesn’t mean a station has to lose its original brand or station name, the QuickHitz format principles are bolted on.

At radiotoday, we have been listening to their demo stream and  markets that have recently flipped to the format.

Some of the edits are clean as – you can’t pick them, but sometimes it just sounds like a real quick fade. Would listeners pick up on it? Possibly.

But they do deliver on the promise. TWICE THE MUSIC, 24 SONGS PER HOUR



When you look at the Australasian market place – who is ready to push the reset button?

Who is ready to re-position or perhaps re-define their sound?

Word is, a company has been assigned the rights to sell the format in Australia already.

Hillary Hommy, Vice-President at Sparknet has also been quoted as saying: “Australia are also planning to introduce it within the next six months.”


You can find out more about the QuickHitz format here

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