Ratings results for Survey 3, 2024

Radio Today’s coverage of the second metro radio ratings survey for 2024.

You will see all the raw data in the charts, plus top stations and our exclusive data charts.

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#1 FM Smooth 95.3

#1 AM 2GB 873

#1 Cume Smooth

#1 DAB+ iHeart Australia





#1 AM 3AW 693

#1 Cume FOX

#1 DAB+ GOLD80s





#1 FM B105

#1 AM 4BH 1116

#1 Cume NOVA

#1 DAB+ SMOOTHFM Brisbane




#1 FM Triple M

#1 AM FIVEaa

#1 Cume MIX

#1 DAB+ Smoothfm Adelaide




#1 FM 96fm

#1 AM 6PR

#1 Cume NOVA 937




Data Charts









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Battle For Fifth
4 Jun 2024 - 10:23 am

I know that chat will be about Melbourne but what’s happening at NOVA SYDNEY?
2DayFM is not that far behind them now and it’s not like they’re doing well either.

The Music Man
4 Jun 2024 - 11:01 am

And the Kiis 101.1 Melbourne slide begins…

4 Jun 2024 - 12:01 pm

Nova will be concerned about their drive show because it is doing poorly in Sydney and Melbourne

4 Jun 2024 - 12:10 pm

Remember this is just 3 out of 10 weeks for KJ on Kiis Melbourne so don’t read too much into it. I expect a huge increase next survey.

Richard Starr
4 Jun 2024 - 1:58 pm

K&J would be disappointed. Yes only a few into that survey but a million dollar launch plus a 200k secret sound and they gutted the show before starting – to go down in Melbs and thumped in Syd. Dicky says this aint gonna work

4 Jun 2024 - 4:13 pm

Although it’s still early days for Kyle & Jackie O in Melbourne (still not expecting them to get near any of Fox, Gold and 3AW though), surely this survey is a sign their Sydney ratings could be diluted as a result of their brekky show being relayed South? Especially as I’d assume they would’ve had to cut back on Sydney-centric content a bit.

2GB going up in the ratings was almost to be expected in the aftermath of Bondi and Wakefield (plus the major promotional push before then), although ABC Radio Sydney will be disappointed their figures didn’t increase more. That said, I reckon there’s a fairly decent chance of Tim Webster becoming ABC Radio Sydney’s permanent weekday presenter with James Valentine probably getting a weekend spot if/when he returns to the airwaves.

Good result for WSFM with Jonesy & Amanda firing on all cylinders of late, although weeknights remain a weak spot for the station. I think 101.7 really need a decent live (or live-ish) program rather than the blocks of automated music and 6-minute ad breaks they currently run between 8pm and midnight. Especially as a still minimal, but slightly better effort is made by having JAM Nation and Christian O’Connell repeats overnight.

After a strong start to 2024, the big fall in ratings for Nova 96.9 would be a worry for them. Still in a better position than 2DayFM and Triple M though, how long until someone finally hits the rest button on those two stations? 104.1 and 104.9 are currently in a similar position to the one 95.3 and 106.5 were in the Late 2000s/Early 2010s, pre-Smooth and KIIS respectively.

While it’s good that 2UE have resumed their long, proud association of having a branding presence at the Sydney Royal Easter Show (however small it’s been this year and last), ACE Radio clearly need to splash out on a decent ad campaign for the AM music station, preferably targeting disgruntled Smooth/WS listeners. Although I’d think even just running TVCs during the afternoon quiz shows, news bulletins and soaps should be a reasonably cost-effective way of reaching what seems to be 2UE’s most desired demographic.

What have SEN done to significantly improve their ratings (albeit, still at a low level) in Sydney this year? I’d genuinely like to know, because they’ve gone from 0.4 to 2.1 in the space of about six months.

Finally…based on the DAB+ ratings for Sydney & Melbourne, I’d be willing to predict that Nova Ent probably won’t renew their contract with Radio Maria and eventually reallocate that slice of bandwidth to Nova Throwbacks and Smooth 80s. And just how are Disrupt Radio keeping afloat?

Rather lengthy analysis, I know. But hopefully there’s at least a few things to think about.

4 Jun 2024 - 4:33 pm

Is Nova Brisbane breakfast dead? That show has come 4th twice now which is a record bad run, yet it has the highest cume. No longer has the winning formula. You have to wonder what’s changed?

2025 NOVA Insider
4 Jun 2024 - 4:34 pm

Nova Breakfast Sydney: Ricki Lee and Tim
Nova Breakfast Adelaide: Ben and Liam
Nova Drive National: Toni and Ryan

Grab your popcorn
4 Jun 2024 - 6:04 pm

Anyone who says that it’s bad for K&J are obviously new to the industry. They had 3 weeks out of 10. Listening around they will be number 2 by the end of the year if not number 1. You may hate them but it is a juggernaut of a show. Underestimate them at your peril.

KJ is not your average radio show, the standard should be higher
4 Jun 2024 - 6:13 pm

All of these people keep saying ‘oh it’s only 3 weeks’ are completely ignoring the fact these guys profess to be Australia’s biggest radio show with the countries biggest audience, was doing PR for WEEKS AND WEEKS around Melbourne and has been beaming K&J content into the market for years.

If people wanted k&J, we would have seen some uptick, not audience leaving.

Now they’ve not only borked Melbourne, but Sydney lost some of its sheen too now they are splitting localism.

You’d think a gamble this expensive would’ve got SOMETHING, but there’s nothing to be proud about for the kiis network in this book.

8 Jun 2024 - 6:58 am

Nova Sydney has to be worried. Its not as if 2dayfm are doing anything special but Nova get beaten across the day by 2day. Nova nights has gone downhill too. I used to like Best of Fitzy and Wippa driving home.I do love Kate in the morning, she should have her own show.


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